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4 Signs Fear is Infecting Your Business

Maybe your business isn’t having the results you’re expecting, and you’re not sure why. Surprisingly, the culprit is often fear! 

In this article, I will outline some of the signs that fear is impacting your business (and some remedies!). 


If you have all the facts, but still feel unable to make a decision, it’s probably an indication of underlying fear.  

Often, this fear is because you are worried about whether or not your decision will lead to the “right” outcome. But here’s the problem: you can’t control outcomes!  

What you can control is the actions you take! If you focus on your actions, and surrender yourself to the outcomes that may follow, you’ll find it easier to overcome your fear and move past indecision. 


Everyone experiences some overwhelm at some stage in their business. However, if you are experiencing overwhelm for continuous periods of time, this could be a sign of fear of facing reality. The greatest antidote to overwhelm is to create a plan

No matter how busy you are, if you have planning, strategy, and clarity then you won’t feel overwhelmed – even if you are working 12 – 14 hour days!  

However, if you feel you’re in a rat race, constantly trying to keep up – you probably have a fear you’re rationalising. For example: “I just have to do 6 billable hours today, because otherwise I’ll go broke” or “If I don’t reply to emails straight away, my clients will leave me” and you therefore busy yourself with day-to-day work, rather than creating a strategy. 

The reality is that once you have a plan, overwhelm dissipates because you are no longer fixated on “what-ifs”. Now, that doesn’t mean that having a plan will eliminate your fear entirely. However, when your behaviour is based on a plan, you can work through that irrespective of how you feel, rather than letting your personal fears control your actions. 


Business Leaders who do everything themselves often believe that they are the best person for every job in their business. If you are similarly unwilling to give up control, it may stem from a fear that your employees will stuff it up.  

In reality, the issue is not your employees but that you haven’t taken actions to create trusted relationships, or provided the skills for the team to be leaders without you. Or perhaps you’ve chosen people for your team who aren’t leaders in the first place.  

In any case, the impact of trying to do everything is that you become overwhelmed and exhausted. You aren’t able to be present for your family and friends when they need you. There is also a high risk for your business to collapse due to external events like COVID-19 – your company isn’t future proof. 

That’s one of the reasons that training and development play a big part in my own company. I trust that my staff are competent and able to handle the tasks that come their way. As a result, I don’t have to deal with overwhelm – I can focus on what I do best, which is lead my team, create my legacy, and help my clients to see their own possibilities! 


If you’re not taking responsibility for your business’ results and are blaming others instead, you are living in fear. Blaming is totally distinct, by the way, from holding someone accountable for their actions – that’s a positive thing! But when you constantly find yourself playing the blame game, it’s because you are not willing to look at yourself and take accountability for your own actions.  

What makes us so afraid to look at ourselves? Well, our brain gets caught up in a story: that any kind of “failure” means that there’s something fundamentally wrong with who we are. This is alie

This mindset is extremely difficult to recover from on your own, because it is so deeply ingrained. That’s why part of my job as a coach is helping my clients confront and unravel the stories they’re telling themselves. It is often painful – but the results are worth it! 

When you can separate your results from the blame/fault/failure story, you can instead see the unique opportunities in a situation. This is what leads to high-performance and exceptional results


Diagnosing and dealing with fear is critical if you want to run a high-performance business. Left untreated, the infection of fear has real-world consequences.  

For me personally, the impact of fear has shown up in many ways – I blame others, I’m disconnected, impatient, living on credit, and eating more pork ribs than I should with money I don’t have! In other cases, people may deal with their fear by escaping reality through shopping sprees, romantic novels and films, alcohol – even affairs. 

Regardless of what the fear is, the business suffers as well as the business owner. Band-aid solutions just won’t work, so look for the symptoms and treat the real problem by conquering your fears! 

This article was written by Rugare Gomo and first published on Rugare Gomo’s website at Rugare Gomo is a channel partner of Legally Yours and is a strong supporter of our Legally Yours’ community.

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