5 Practical Tips on Managing Your Facebook Page

Facebook is one of the world’s biggest social media platforms available online. Using the platform for business purposes has many benefits, including:

  • It’s a fairly low-cost marketing strategy;
  • It enables you to connect with current and potential clients;
  • It raises brand awareness; and
  • It can steer traffic to your website.

However if not managed effectively, your business’ Facebook page can be detrimental to your business’ long term success.

This month we spoke to Fiona, one of our fixed-fee commercial lawyers, who recently wrote a blog providing five practical tips to managing your business’ Facebook page.  Here Fiona shares her five tips to ensure you are protecting your business and managing your Facebook business page successfully.

1. Active Monitoring

The first tip is to make sure that you actively monitor your Facebook business page. As your Facebook page following grows, it is vital to ensure you have enough moderators who are able to respond promptly to any comments or queries that are made on your page and can regulate any activity that occurs efficiently and effectively as possible.  You don’t want to end up in a situation where a comment is made on your page that could leave you open to possible legal action or otherwise lead to your followers questioning your integrity.

2. Create Clear Guidelines

The second tip is to create clear and succinct guidelines around what is acceptable interaction on your Facebook page and what behaviour won’t be tolerated. You need to be as specific as possible and ensure all followers can easily access these guidelines when they choose to become a follower on your business page.

3. Be Aware

The third tip is to be aware of what a defamatory comment could look like on your Facebook page.  To assist, you should do some basic research around defamation law and/or consult a legal expert as to what types of comments you need to be careful of.  When in doubt, it might be prudent to delete the comment rather than run the risk of leaving your business open to a potential liability.

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4. Develop Clear Processes for Authors on Your Facebook Business Page

The fourth tip is to develop clear processes around who can write material on your Facebook page and who will delete or respond to posts made on your page by followers.  The key is to ensure that your business page is not left unmonitored for a lengthy period of time and that all material published on your page is consistent with the key messages of your business strategy.

5. Take Your Facebook Business Page Seriously

The fifth tip is to ensure you take all interaction on your Facebook business page seriously.  Businesses have been known to fail because they didn’t deal with negative or defamatory posts on their page, ultimately leading to their reputation being negatively affected. Effectively, when you set up a Facebook business page, you are a publisher and you ultimately leave your business open to assuming legal liability for interactions that occur on your page.  There is a fine line between allowing people to state their opinions, and potentially defaming another follower on your page.

If you are responsible for managing a Facebook business page and are uncertain about any of these processes or tips, we would highly recommend you contact a commercial lawyer.

This article is written by Karen Finch and was first published on the Legally Yours Website.

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