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Donna Ross

Donna Ross Dispute Resolution
Commercial Law, Commercial Mediation Services
Western Australia, Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia, Queensland, Northern Territory, Australian Capital Territory
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About Donna

Donna Ross is a highly-experienced commercial lawyer, arbitrator and mediator with exceptional expertise in negotiation and alternative dispute resolution (ADR).

Admitted to practice in Australia and the USA, with a French law degree, Donna helps Australian and international companies and individuals achieve better business outcomes, by drawing on her extensive experience across several continents to:

  • negotiate, draft and review commercial contracts involving suppliers, distributors, importers, partners, shareholders, employers and investors;
  • act as an advocate in contract as well as settlement negotiations, arbitrations and mediations;
  • help clients involved in transactions with international business partners understand their obligations and options to achieve optimum terms in areas such as risk exposure, payment, insurance, etc. 
  • ensure commercial contracts include appropriate dispute resolution clauses that help prevent disputes and quickly manage disputes if they arise; and
  • help parties explore creative avenues to resolving disputes that others may overlook.

Donna understands the legal nature and implications of international contracts, disputes and the alternatives to settlement. She helps clients, including small businesses, avoid litigation by negotiating better deals from the outset and by resolving disputes in a cost-effective and commercial manner that saves time, money and stress and allows clients to get back to their business sooner. 

A frequent speaker at legal and commercial events, Donna teaches negotiation, mediation and arbitration. She sits on a number of panels as a mediator and arbitrator, including the Magistrates’ Court of Victoria, Victorian Small Business Commission, Office of the Franchising Mediation Adviser and the World Intellectual Property Organization. She is a fellow of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators and speaks fluent French, Spanish and Italian. 

For more information on her services and credentials, contact Donna to see how she can help, or visit her website 

Outside of being a lawyer

I love to travel everywhere and I enjoy entertaining.  I’m a wine and food aficionado, beach bum and scuba diver.