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Elise Margow

Legally Speaking
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Business Structure and Management, Company Law and Governance, Mergers And Acquisitions
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About Elise

Recent Q&A Featured Lawyer Interview with Elise Margow with Karen Finch

Elise Margow understands the commercial needs of a business, legally speaking. Having worked in the corporate sector for 13 years in telecommunications and financial services, Elise knows how legal departments function. This builds on her time in practice at various law firms.

She has broad legal and business expertise, being an alumnus of Telstra Corporation Limited and Arnold Bloch Leibler as well as heading up legal teams. In addition to providing a wide range of legal advice to her clients and reducing the legal spend of clients substantially, she has contributed on credit and due diligence committees, is a director of two companies and has company secretarial experience.

Elise is an experienced litigator and mediator who over the past 14 years has focused on alternative dispute resolution techniques to assist clients and disputing parties avoid lengthy and expensive court proceedings.

She has successfully assisted both her own clients and disputing parties resolve complex disputes using the combination of her litigation and commercial experience together with her pragmatic approach to the resolution of disputes. As a nationally accredited mediator Elise specialises in mediations concerning banking and finance, corporate, commercial, industrial relations, and major leasing disputes.

Outside of being a lawyer

There are a myriad of activities that I engage in outside of the law. From a philanthropic perspective I am the co-founder and director of the charity: Australian Books for Children of Africa. Musically speaking, I play piano, sing and am a member of a choral group.

When the opportunity presents, I love attending live theatre and music. Exercise wise I train twice per week with a superb personal trainer and love going for long extended walks with family and friends. One of my delights is catching up with good friends and spending time with family.