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Flora Wambeti

Wambeti Legal Pty Ltd
South Australia
Commercial, Business Negotiations and Contracts, Hire and Purchase Agreements
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South Australia
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About Flora

I have over 15 years experience in Tier 1 and 2 companies in industries including:

  • oil and gas;
  • energy;
  • technology;
  • engineering; and construction

I have seen, small and medium size businesses sacrificing a lot to win tenders and jobs from large Tier 1 companies.

I witnessed the impact of decisions made in haste or even fear; which were sometimes devastating for the small or medium business. The accounts of those ill-informed decisions (often unknowingly and with good intent), from a position of being unable to help, led me to start a law firm.

I utilise my accumulated experience and expertise to help small and medium businesses navigate the complexities of construction law with confidence and success.

Wambeti Legal is a law practice covering

  • construction law;
  • contract administration and management; and
  • risk management

Wambeti Legal was founded to give businesses involved in projects, access to smart strategies and advice for the full life cycle of the project without the hefty fees and complex advice you would expect from a traditional large law firm.

Outside of being a lawyer

I live with my partner and I’m a mum to an active young boy, and an equally active English cocker spaniel. I am totally in love with lifting weights which I took up on advice from my oncologist while recovering from all the effects of breast cancer treatment and related surgeries. I have competed in bodybuilding competitions and collected a couple of medals.

When I’m not working, or making school lunches or taking the dog to the park or heading to the gym, I love to listen to music and enjoy a good read. I also love road trips and travel in general.

After a hectic day, sometimes I just love to curl up on the couch with the dog and watch a gripping TV drama.

I have enjoyed pushing my limits, such as completing a 100km walk for charity, trekking through the jungles of Northern Thailand and scuba diving.