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My name is Ines and I am the director of Melbourne Law Studio. I’m a commercial lawyer who specialises in commercial litigation and alternative dispute resolution. I work closely with company directors and shareholders to resolve disputes which may arise out of a myriad of reasons. These ‘disputes’ can relate to the unfair terms of a shareholder agreement, a divergence of opinion regarding the management of the company’s affairs, all the way to the big issues like oppression and feeling pushed out. In addition, I also deal with the enforcement of restraints and compliance with terms of an agreement in the event that a matter has already been settled but the deal isn’t being honoured.

I will invest 100% of my effort into resolving your matter as quickly and as painlessly as possible. If there is a way to avoid litigation, we’ll find it together. If there isn’t, as is unfortunately the case at times, you can be confident that I have the competence and the experience to lead you through the difficult and often frustrating process of litigation.

Two things which are extremely important to me are compatibility and confidence. Each client, in my view, ought to be given an opportunity to get to know me, and I them, to determine whether we are suited to work together. I make a distinct effort to get to know the person or people behind the business, their position and the history of the matter. I place a lot of value on our professional collaboration and I respect unreservedly the trust my clients put in me. My clients are at the epicentre of everything that I do.

You will find that I am open, approachable and sincere. I have a strong background in litigation and am not averse to “going the distance” if that’s what’s best for you. If that is not the best way forward, I promise you will hear about it. I suppose that is the real point of difference that I try to breathe into my business – I am not interesting in ‘working files’, I am interested in doing the work and finalising matters so that my clients can get back to focusing on what is important to them, namely, their business, their family and their future. There is more to life than legal problems (unless you’re a lawyer of course).

I want you to feel comfortable reaching out so please rest assured that all initial consultations are not just obligation free, but free of charge. I am transparent at every stage about the work to be done, the progress of your matter and just as importantly, the pricing. Melbourne Law Studio offers fixed fee services, as well as payment plans, and utilises legal project management tools to ensure that there are no unwelcome surprises.

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