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Lucy Percy

Head and Heart Estate Planning
Deceased Estates
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About Lucy


Hello. My name is Lucy and I help families create a loving and secure future for their loved ones, no matter what the future holds for them.  I do through my work as a lawyer practicing exclusively in the area of Wills and Estates, including Estate Planning, Probate, Estate Administration, and Estate Litigation.  I am based in Camberwell, and Box Hill in Melbourne.

I have always been a suburban lawyer, and have worked my whole career in firms in the council of Boroondara.  Similarly, I have always worked with private clients on matters close to their heart.  I am passionate about helping these clients in this area of law because it allows my personal and professional values to always be in alignment, making me the happiest lawyer you’ll work with.

To connect with me, you can request a complimentary phone chat below or find out more by visiting my website at

Estate Planning
My Wills and Estate Planning practice trades under the business name: Head and Heart Estate Planning.  The signature service of Head and Heart Estate Planning is our Saturday Express Service.  This service is specifically designed for busy couples to sort out both simple Wills, and Testamentary Trust Wills on the spot in one longer, but efficient appointment.  This service has been extremely popular, however I can also assist clients in a more traditional manner over multiple appointments during the week if the client requests or their circumstances require.

Estate Litigation To deliver the best possible service to my clients, I limit the number of Estate Litigation files that I am working on to just one at any given time.  Therefore I don’t advertise outside of the Legally Yours platform or operate a website for this work.  Estate Litigation is an emotional process for clients, and has time sensitive demands made by the other side, counsel (barristers), clients, and the Court, that all need to be met.  Limiting my work to just one matter at a time allows me to provide the responsiveness and support that every such case deserves, and without the client ever feeling rushed or unimportant.  I currently have availability for a disputed Estate matter.

Outside of being a lawyer

Lucy enjoys spending time with and cooking for her husband and children.  Her leisure time is spent socialising; weeknight dinners with the girls, weekends with other families who are friends in Melbourne, camping with old friends in Bright, and always on the Hume Hwy visiting our family in Holbrook and Albury, NSW.