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Martin Algie

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  • B.Ec (Hons)
  • LLB
  • Grad Dip. Commercial Law

Martin Algie is the founder of MIA Franchise Lawyers, fulfilling his passion for helping others to establish and succeed in their business.​

Martin is a senior franchising lawyer, whose practice has included establishing franchises, advising numerous clients wishing to join franchises and fighting major franchise disputes.​

Martin is an expert in trade law, involving the distribution of goods and services. He has written and negotiated thousands of distribution, marketing and licence agreements for clients in industries such as pharmaceuticals, automotive, retail, food and the service sector, including professional services.

To connect with me, you can request a complimentary phone chat or find out more by visiting my website at


Outside of being a lawyer

My passion is the Arts. I am most passionate about the operas of Richard Wagner, travelling all over the world, most recently to New York, to witness these marvels. I am regularly sighted at the Melbourne Theatre Company, Bell Shakespeare Company, the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra and the Australian Romantic and Classical Orchestra, the latter of which my firm supports pro bono. In my time off I am often reading the novels of Anthony Trollope. The other counterbalancing passion is the Essendon Football Club and I am sighted every week supporting the boys.