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Sylvan Browne

FB Rice
Intellectual Property, Patents
Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales, South Australia, Victoria, Queensland, Northern Territory, Tasmania
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About Sylvan

Hi. My name is Sylvan Browne and I’m a Patent Attorney and Partner at Intellectual Property firm FB Rice. I’ve been doing patent and design work for over 22 years and I’ve gotten pretty good at it!

I like tequila, I like American football, and I like getting patent results for my clients. People say I am personable and easy to talk to. My key question is always “How can I get you the results you want and make your life easier along the way?” 

What I love about connecting with new clients, is the chance to contribute to their business. Every client is unique; and by learning to understand you and your business, I can help develop tailored strategies to maximize the commercial value of your IP. I will help you identify how to use your IP to get the results you desire, whether this is through my specialty area of patents and designs, or by getting excellent colleagues involved for trade marks, trade secrets or other means.

I am excited by new technology and by cutting edge engineering fields in particular. Mechanical engineering runs in the family but I rebelled and became an electrical/computer systems engineer. I have in-depth experience in handling patents and designs across a wide range of electrical, software, medical and mechanical technologies.

I first qualified as a Patent Attorney in Australia and then qualified as a Patent Agent in Canada and the US. Although I’ve returned permanently to Australia, I remain a registered United States Patent Agent as well as an Australian Patent Attorney. I worked with a prominent IP firm in Canada for four years and gained significant experience during my time in North America prosecuting US, Canadian and European patents for sophisticated technology companies. 

I enjoy engaging with clients in conversation and becoming their ally. I am a strong believer in clear and timely communication, which is critical to a strong professional relationship. I favor a thorough approach when preparing and prosecuting applications, which has been borne out by a strong track record of success in prosecution and monetisation. Patents that I have written have been used successfully in litigation.

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Outside of being a lawyer

I am an avid traveler and I am very interested in different cultures and languages.