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Trisha Lingard

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Legally Yours and Trisha Lingard from Aptum from Karen Finch on Vimeo.

In this video, CEO of Legally Yours, Karen Finch, sits down with Trisha Lingard from Aptum to discuss her background and journey in the law, her commercial litigation expertise, the clients that she works with, why she joined the Aptum team, and finally what Trisha likes to do outside of the law.

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Trisha Lingard Profile:

Trisha Lingard has a specialty in managing complexity. Trisha’s 6 years’ experience in commercial dispute resolution and litigation has seen her feature in a broad range of prominent matters and regulatory investigations, including several years acting on the team of solicitors assisting the Royal Commission into the Management of Police Informants.

This experience has honed her ability to structure and strategize long term, complex matters to position clients for the best possible outcome.

Trisha has a refined focus on results by planning for both known and unknown factors. Having worked as an Event Manager prior to joining the law, Trisha’s judgment in the dispute resolution process is grounded in specific and purposeful actions to achieve outcomes.

She is able to help businesses and clients resolve disputes and avoid future conflict by recommending solutions that combine legal and commercial considerations.

Creative and a critical mind, Trisha believes that the ability to set aside ‘tunnel vision’ is a powerful quality for lawyers. At Aptum, Trisha’s professional and personal strengths converge as a lawyer who thinks commercially and creatively about the problems clients face and the work lawyers do.

Outside of being a lawyer

Whilst I find there’s room to think creatively within the legal profession, outside of the law I like to pursue my passion for singing! I have a gorgeous teenage son who also keeps me very busy with his school and extracurricular.