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Rebecca Barron

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I am an Accredited Family Law Specialist, and I work exclusively in the area of family law.  I have practiced as a solicitor for 14 years, with over 11 years in the family law space.  I gained accreditation as a Family Law Specialist in 2015.  I am also a Nationally Accredited Mediator.

I opened my own firm in 2019 in order to provide a better service to people dealing with family law issues.  During the time I spent working as a solicitor in other firms, I realised that family law cannot be treated the same as commercial or transactional sorts of law – you’re dealing with people’s children, their property – really you’re dealing with their future.  My aim for Barron Family Law is to be a flexible firm that works around my clients – I see clients outside of the usual 9am to 5pm hours as often that simply isn’t convenient to busy working people.  With access to great technology, clients can work with me at night or weekends if that’s what works best for them.

There really is no “one size fits all” solution for family law – each family will need something specifically tailored for them to reach the best resolution possible – that’s my goal.  I try where possible to find negotiation or settlement based resolutions for clients.  For some clients however, Court proceedings are necessary.


Regardless of what process my client is undertaking, the key to reaching their best resolution is for them to be informed of all steps along the way; provided with the necessary advices so they can make informed and intelligent decisions; and for the “lawyer-part” of the transaction to be transparent – this is why I offer fixed-fee services where possible so that my clients understand what their costs are going to be and don’t have their stomach in their throat when they open my invoice.

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Outside of being a lawyer

I’m the mother of a toddler – so no time for hobbies here!  Aside from toddler-taming, my husband and I both love cooking, so on the weekends you can often find us at farmer’s markets getting beautiful produce.