Firm: Bower Wood Lawyers.
New South Wales.
Experience: 12 Years.
Area of expertise: Commercial Law, Property Law.
Jurisdiction: New South Wales.

Rhys Bower

I’m Rhys Bower from Bower Wood Lawyers. 

I’ve been a lawyer for a bit over 10 years. I’m a refugee from traditional law firms with a stop-over teaching and researching at university. I set up Bower Wood Lawyers with my partner Nick Wood because we knew that we could do legal services better than the traditional way 

Bower Wood Lawyers is a values driven advisory practice that focuses on business / commercial law for SMEs, property and estate planning and administration. We only do what we’re good at and get other experts involved when a client needs advice that is outside our field. 

Nick and I are both self confessed law nerds. We love what we do. If we weren’t lawyers, we’d probably still be lawyers. We set up our firm from scratch in 2017 after spending time in traditional firms. One of our values is outstanding customer service and this is at the centre of everything we do. So is the relationship: we believe our client relationships have value beyond the transaction or work we do for them. We love people and see the positive impact that good, long term relationships have on life in general. 

We work as a team – often Nick and me together, or with another member of our firm. We see the value for us in working together: it’s more enjoyable and satisfying. We also see the value for the client: better work – they get the benefit of 2 sets of eyes and ideas going over everything. 

We work for clients in 3 ways.

Projects. It might be a specific transaction, advice on a standalone issue or preparing or reviewing a contract. Projects have a start and a finish. But the relationship can continue long after the project is done. 

Legal department / retainer. We are engaged to be the client’s legal department: we’re available all the time to assist with all the client’s needs within our expertise. We can meet regularly just to talk about what is going on in the client’s organisation, even when there aren’t specific issues on foot. This deeper involvement means we can provide much more value and more strategic and business advice and assistance. This model is done on a fixed monthly fee. 

Hybrid. It’s not really a different method, more a mix of the other two. We can tailor an engagement with a mix of project work and a limited retainer, to meet a client’s legal needs and budget.

Whichever way you engage us, we will always give a quote up front so there is price certainty.

Our firm is based in Wagga Wagga in regional NSW but we work for clients all over the place, regional NSW, Sydney, Melbourne, Hobart.

Outside of being a lawyer

Outside being a lawyer I love spending time with my family, getting out on my pushy, reading and learning to play the piano. Oh and beer. I love craft beer.

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