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Shayne Bedford

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Commercial Law Mediation, Commercial Litigation, Property Settlement
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About Shayne

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My name is Shayne, and I am a senior lawyer and practice leader at Aspire Lawyers. I have been in the reins for 3 years and have loved every minute of the transformation and growth that Aspire Lawyers has experienced.

I am highly motivated and super passionate about innovation, growth, and learnings. I love meeting new people and making connections that attribute to my professional and personal growth.

I am skilled in the areas of commercial and property law and business and leadership transformation.

Having experience in these areas allows me to have a varied range of skill set that can accommodate any client’s needs.

I pride myself on being transparent in my communication and avoiding legal jargon so that you are at ease from the get-go, and we are on the same page.

Out of work I do enjoy normal people stuff too like; hanging with my wife, son, and daughter, playing tennis like a pro and idolising Billy Slater and the mighty Melbourne Storm.

At Aspire Lawyers, we pride ourselves on having that point of difference.

We are a relaxed and approachable tribe and not in any way like your typical law firm. We all have direct phone lines, and you will always speak to the lawyer handling your matter.

Our systems are extremely proficient, and this streamlines your matter from start to finish.

We are also a paperless office so it’s not only great for the environment but having access to all things electronic, makes things so much easier for you not having to attend our offices multiple times.

We offer value pricing. This means we have tailored fixed fee pricing solutions that suit your needs which also means, no surprises.

We think outside of the box to benefit our client’s individual situations.

Aspire Lawyers are committed to being tomorrow’s lawyers today and which is why I love leading this firm.

Innovation and forward thinking are attributes that I pride myself on and share this through the way I work super efficiently and streamlined.

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Outside of being a lawyer

Shayne plays golf and is secretary for a local golf club. He also enjoys playing tennis and has yet to lose his desire to play in the Australian Open, despite the fact there is no possibility, but don’t tell him that!