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Vania Holt

Vania Holt Legal
New South Wales
Aged Care and Elder Law, Contract Disputes, Employer Law, Conveyancing, Estate Planning and Wills, Family Law
New South Wales, Nationwide
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About Vania

Legally Yours and Vania Holt from Vania Holt Legal

I am an ex-prosecutor who has just completed a PhD (Law).  I have the experience and qualifications that most people in the law look for, but they do not tell you what I am like as a person.

I absolutely hate abuse of power, whether that be by a business colleague, the other party in a dispute or by the government. I apply this ethos in my practice to ensure that your priorities and requirements are met in any legal transaction. I will bring my litigation experience to family law and other disputes. I will be your advocate and your supporter and lead you through (probably) the most terrifying ordeal of your life if you end up in court. I remember my first day appearing in court and I was certainly intimidated by it all. I can lead you through this experience if required – better yet, let us keep it out of court if at all possible!

One of the main reasons I started my own firm was to promote the use of fixed fees instead of hourly billing. My experience of hourly-billing (the 6-minute increments) is that it rewards inefficiency. I am efficient – always have been – and so I hate it when I have to pay for something that was not done efficiently. If someone gives me a quote for something and it ends up costing twice as much in the end, I get very cranky! It is not fair on anyone. If you are clear on what the cost is and what you will receive for that, there will be no nasty surprises. I have even invested in technology that will save you time and money – I am very serious about providing value for money. If you have a wills, probate, or family law matter, I can provide you with a link so you can start the procedure online in your own time.

Outside of being a lawyer

When I am not practicing law, or finishing my PhD, I love horse-riding and walking with friends. I live in a beautiful part of the world and love to experience it daily. My guilty pleasure is true crime documentaries!