ALTA Hour of Power #3

And that’s a wrap! As always ALTA has closed the month on a high with their February Hour of Power! Nine amazing Australian legal technology organisations presented quick-four-minute pitches showcasing their intuitive legal software. The event was sponsored by MatterX and further supported by ALTA sponsors Macquarie, Law in Order, and Donna. Hosted by ALTA’s Vice President (and our CEO of Legally Yours) Karen Finch, the monthly hour-long pitching session did not disappoint! Here are the takeaways from each of the amazing presentations. 

Data Chef 

Presented by CEO David Diamond, Data Chef is a legal finance and matter management software built in the Microsoft Office 365 modern workplace. David went through the platform and how it can be used to streamline communication and organisation in the workplace, particularly while on-the-go. 


Mitimes has successfully automated timesheet recording to aid legal practitioners in reallocating their time to more valuable work. Presented by their CEO Kirsten Rillo, Mitimes boasts the ability to record time seamlessly and automatically in the background through their amazing software, cutting down on tedious data entry. Kirsten demonstrated how the platform works and highlighted the benefits of having automated timesheet software. 

Xakia Technologies

Former ALTA Chairperson and founder of Xakia Technologies Jodie Baker, headed Xakia’s pitch. Xakia is a legal matter management software which provides a cost effective and easy-to-implement software for in-house legal teams. Jodie went through their automated dashboard and reporting, outlining the greater control and visibility over workloads the platform provides. 

Checkbox AI 

It was fantastic to see Evan Wong for another Hour of Power presentation with Checkbox AI. Checkbox is an amazing platform which can automate your firm’s procedures and service delivery in hours. Evan talked through the functionalities of the platform, outlining its code free processes. Checkbox allows for easily built automation solutions using their no-code drag-and-drop platform.

Wise Owl Legal

Gemma Haidemann, the Testing Manager at Wise Owl Legal introduced their amazing legal management tool which businesses can use for practice automation. Their cloud-based software covers compliant legal trust accounting, time recording, legal billing and provides a single entry point for matters and contacts the firm is servicing. In the pitch Gemma showed how the platform worked as well as outlining the platforms functionalities and purpose. 


Next up was Shaun Leisegang CEO of Rapidmatiom! In his pitch Shaun showcased how Rapidmation worked, why firms should digitise and the reason behind automation. Rapidmatiom are intelligent automation consultants and technology experts, who partner with firms in order to build an enterprise-grade intelligent automation platform. These platforms strategically combine technologies like digital process automation, artificial intelligence, and robotic process automation to create their automation platforms. 

Smarter Drafter

Smarter Drafter is a plug-and-play solution that enables your firm to get started with document automation immediately. Presented by Ben Rosswick, their Chief Operations Officer, Smarter Draft enables legal practitioners to incorporate automation into everyday mundane tasks. To demonstrate Smarter Drafter Ben showed how the platforms streamlines document drafting using their extremely user friendly interface. 

Cognitive View

Presented by Founder Dilip Mohapatra, Cognitive View analyzes customer communication data to identify conduct related risk and automates the compliance monitoring processes. Dilip showcased how Cognitive View can help in assisting clients in negotiations, advising on AFCA’s decisions and legal representation.


Lucky last was Litigaze with Founder Len Hickey!  Litigaze allows legal teams to make sense of complex litigation using intuitive visual planning and data insight tools. They aid firms in supporting clients to make informed decisions in regard to their case through their planning software.  Len went through an example of how this software may help a client to determine whether to go into litigation or settle as well as talking through the benefits of the software. 

As usual some amazing companies were showcased by ALTA this month. As legal technology continues to develop so will the amazing ways practitioners’ lives will be improved. As shown here these new technologies will make practicing law more intuitive, less tedious and far more streamlined. If you would like to reach out to any of these companies you can find their contact details listed below! 

Watch the 3rd ALTA Hour of Power yourself here.

This article was written by Legally Yours Intern, Anastasia Misarvidis-Tyshing

This article does not constitute legal advice or a legal opinion on any matter discussed and, accordingly, it should not be relied upon. It should not be regarded as a comprehensive statement of the law and practice in this area. If you require any advice or information, please speak to a practicing lawyer in your jurisdiction. No individual who is a member, partner, shareholder or consultant of, in, or to any constituent part of Legally Yours Pty Ltd accepts or assumes responsibility, or has any liability, to any person in respect of this article.

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