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ALTA Hour of Power #6

This month ALTA’s Hour of Power was sponsored by LastPass, and further supported by Macquarie, Law in Order and Donna. The event was co-hosted by ALTA Vice President and Legally Yours CEO Karen Finch and Michael Patternson, ALTA President!

As always some of the best legal tech start-ups’ were showcased, in short 4-minute demonstrations!

First up was Lloyd Evans from LastPass. LastPass is an incredible new password management start-up. Part of their mission is to help promote and educate on cyber risk and how it relates to legal tech. Although firms invest in firewalls or encryption, they are leaving it to the user to be responsible for setting their own passwords. LastPass can help manage credential risk by automatic password generation, creating greater protection for firms.

Anika Legal is another legal tech superstar and non for profit! Anika’s presentation was hosted by Noel Lim. During the presentation Noel outlined how Anika has leveraged technology in order to increase access to justice. By using technology to streamline services, Anika has successfully been able to use different interactive tools to collect and collate data.

Stact Tech is a unique AI in dispute resolution, obligation, and compliance initiatives. Currently, 70% of projects are in dispute. Presented by Lee Price, Stact Tech seeks to reduce excess time and resources on infrastructure projects, remove risks associated with human error and promote project visibility. They do this by utilising an all-encompassing AI-powered project management platform with a standardised framework.

Katherine King was next up with Dazychain! Dazychain is an innovative cloud management system designed specifically for corporate legal counsel. Their intuitive platform provides visibility over your team’s current workload. Dazychain centralises all legal operations allowing you to access a complete overview of your legal team’s work, with tailored reporting and dashboards.

Tom Capling was there to introduce the next legal tech superstar! Client Sense helps to grow and protect your client base by tracking contact by department, by title and by office, amongst other indicators of client relationship. This automated interface can help solve traditional challenges and can be set up in days.

Law In Order is an end-to-end solution provider for digital services. Law In Order provides litigation support to clients globally through document protection, eDiscovery services and eHearing solutions using their streamlined services. Their presentation was conducted by Robyn Kidd.

Last up was Ben Rosswick from Rulestar! Rulestar powers Smarter Drafter and is a document automation platform. Rulestar was built around legal documents and gives an output similar to that an actual lawyer would produce. Their visual logic builder uses a no code platform to create conditional content.

These amazing Australian legal tech start-ups show the incredible innovation that exists within our industry! You can watch the full version of the ALTA Hour of Power #6 here.