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Top Tier Legally Yours Membership

The Legally Yours Premium Membership will provide you with bespoke support to help build your professional profile with your target client base and throughout the legal industry.

We will work closely with you to set out a plan that matches your personal KPIs and use our extensive industry connections to place you in the ‘right’ events with the ‘right’ target audience.

Our aim is to help our members grow practices that are profitable and sustainable and make you a thought leader in your field.

Our Premium Membership gives you access to extensive promotional opportunities to help you build a strong and successful practice.

Is this right for you?

The Premium Membership is right for you if you:

  • Want to scale your practice and take advantage of our work referral network
  • Want to build strong working relationships with fellow members
  • Want marketing material that sets you apart
  • Want to grow your brand within the profession
  • Want to stand out as a subject matter expert within your industry
  • Want to leverage our vast array of CPD videos for your professional growth
  • Want opportunities to speak and present master classes, legal information sessions and events to your potential clients
  • Want to tap into our regular “lunch and learn” CPD sessions to grow your skills
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Premium Membership
What's Included
  • All Community membership benefits + marketing and business development support to help you become a thought leader in your field
  • Access to the LY Community Hub – the virtual meeting place for progressive lawyers!
  • Build your client base through a profile listing on the Legally Yours marketplace
  • Become a thought leader in your field through invitations to host master classes, seminars, and events with your target client audience
  • Up to 3 x zoom video interviews licensed for you to use on your own website and social channels and attached to your LY marketplace profile
  • 3 x republication and promotion of articles/blogs written by you and/or co-authored with Legally Yours interns
  • Invites to fortnightly CPD Lunch & Learn sessions + access to the LY CPD library
  • Receive exclusive offers from business partners
  • Preferential pricing of workshops delivered by top tier consultants
  • We can also collect feedback and testimonials on your behalf from clients who access your services through the Legally Yours platform
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