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Be Well Be You

Business Bio:

Be Well Be You is focused on giving busy professionals the tools needed to address mental fatigue, build resilience and reduce stress so they can be happier, healthier and perform well over the long run.Belinda Furse (Founder & Director) is a Nutrition Health Coach and Fitness Professional. She originally trained as a lawyer and worked for many years in litigation. Through her work in the corporate world, Belinda witnessed leaders and colleagues struggle with significant stress, burn out, anxiety, depression and chronic disease.

Watching people close to her suffer, Belinda realised it was time to pivot her career and create change within the profession. Whilst working as a lawyer and raising two young children, she studied to become a Certified International Health Coach.In January 2020, Belinda founded Be Well Be You, with a clear mission in mind – to inspire busy professionals to make lasting lifestyle changes for increased energy, happiness and motivation!Belinda combines her understanding of workplace wellbeing, extensive legal experience and a passion for coaching to help people achieve their health and wellbeing goals. Her wellness sessions are centred around core pillars of wellness such as mindfulness, movement, nutrition, social connection, sleep, stress, career and creativity.Belinda understands that knowledge alone does not create change! Through actionable steps, accountability and support, she empowers professionals to create lasting behavioural change.

Contact Details:

Belinda Furse
0488 080 175