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Chief Meta Chicks

A community designed to level the playing field for women in business ownership, leadership and networking with a focus on up-skilling women in web3 technologies via education and training.

Chief Meta Chicks aims to address the significant and ongoing under-representation of women in leadership, technology and Web3 at a time when this space is undergoing significant design and development that will shape the way we collaborate, communicate, educate, socialize, engage, transact and conduct business in decades to come.

At Chief Meta Chicks we are dedicated to:

  • Support more women to conceive, launch and scale their own businesses
  • Help more women progress to senior leadership roles within their organisations
  • Educate women on web3 and AI technologies in a safe space where they can learn, experiment, network, build skills and capability, create and commercialise, and so they are not left behind in this new digital age.

We achieve this by bringing together an incredible group of Chief Meta Chicks Leaders who are a combination of exceptional leaders, entrepreneurs, web3 experts and business owners who:

  • Share the same passion & drive to support women in business, leadership & technology
  • Inspire, mentor and coach our members as they develop their business, leadership skills and growth
  • Open their extensive business networks to help members to grow and scale their businesses
  • Plug any gaps in skill and capability via the collective breadth of their experience across Business Consulting, Legal, Finance, Web3, Executive Coaching, Leadership Training, Marketing and more; and
  • Are committed to helping support, grow and scale women in business and leadership

The breadth of their experience provides our community members with access to the expertise they need to succeed in business.

How do I learn more?

To learn more about Chief Meta Chicks and how you can get involved, head to