We help law firms grow by focusing on the legal experience of their clients and the service culture of the organisation. If you’re looking to impress the clients with whom you work and make their experience a profitable differentiator for the firm, we can show you how and help you get there. 

What we do for the legal community

CXINLAW is a passionate team of legal people and service experts that will help you to:

  • Focus and motivate everyone in your team toward Client Experience Success
  • Understand what matters most to clients so you can impress them more often
  • Innovate the clients’ journey with your firm and delight at every touch-point
  • Develop new skills and capabilities that clients now expect from service providers
  • Embed a remarkable service culture that your team will love and clients reward
We’re excited to learn about your firm’s objectives for growth and discuss the potential benefits of a CXINLAW program. Please take a look at the CXINLAW website ( or contact our two Chief Experience Makers, Carl White and Julian Lambert directly


Content from CXINLAW

3 Steps to Building Client and Team Loyalty in a Crisis

Years ago, a friend engaged lawyers to assist him during a personal and business crisis. At the time he was stressed, exhausted, confused and upset. Throughout his ordeal, his lawyers were laser focused on his case but failed to develop personal …

How to turn Clients into Evangelists for your Firm

Most firms aim to achieve client ‘satisfaction’. Yet in a world where the bar of client experience is being rapidly raised, firms should be aiming for client service excellence. Why? Because the old adage, ‘clients are your best referrers’, has definitely …

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