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I’m Rob Cugno, Founder and Coach at Future U Coaching, and I help professionals find their niche and build their sustainable and successful career. 

What sets me apart from other coaches is my process. I’m happy to have a coffee or be a sounding board but in my experience, most professionals need a more structured, evidence driven approach to help break through old habits and progress their careers.

My process begins with my online career guide, a tool to help you identify and play to your strengths, skills and interests. This creates a strong baseline of facts about you and your career that together, we can build on.

From there, I offer established career coaching programs or together we can build a coaching program to address your career challenges.  

What we do for the legal community

I act as an independent sounding board and confidante, coaching lawyers to:

  • Identify if they are in the right career or role.
  • Find the role that best matches their skills, expertise, strengths and interests.
  • Create a powerful network that has accelerated their career.
  • Build their leadership skills so they stand out as potential partners.
  • Shift their mindset to cope with stress and job pressures.

To learn more, visit https://futureucoaching.com.au

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