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Lacuna is not a law firm.

We give lawyers control – control of their career, their lives and their time.

Each of us get the same 24 hours every day and lawyers learn very quickly the importance and value of time.

Yet we give our time away.

We spend at least a third of every day meeting billable targets, doing our business development, managing admin, practice management, teams, staff and other non-chargeable aspects of our work needed to keep our business operating, and we end up stretching and exhausting ourselves in other parts of our lives.

Lacuna is here to help – whether you are just starting out on your own, running a small practice or need some extra support in an established firm.

What we do for the legal community

Lacuna’s services provide the back office and management support of a law firm for a monthly fee with no lock in period so you can focus on what matters to you and what delivers value to your clients.

We help with:

Business Development Marketing Executive Coaching Practice Support & Set Up
Bookkeeping Networking Client Management Strategy
Business Planning Profiles LinkedIn Proposals
Directories Awards Thought Leadership Career Planning

If you need more time in your day or more support in your firm, come talk to us.

Lacuna is adaptable and may be the solution you need.

Focus on what you are good at, while we focus on what we are good at – helping and supporting you and giving you back control of your day.

To learn more head about the services we provide, head to


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