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Pro Help Legal Australia

Pro Help Legal Australia Information Video

Pro Help Legal Australia – The Founders and the Story from Karen Finch on Vimeo.

In this video interview, the 3 of the 4 Founders of Pro Help Legal Australia talk about the idea behind why this video connection platform was created, how it works, and how it is going to change the way initial consultations happen in the Australia legal industry!

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Pro Help Legal Australia Bio

Providing remote and 256-bit encrypted video connections with the public 24/7, Pro Help Legal Australia completely revolutionises the way Australians access legal services, both in the pro bono and paid legal service markets.

Pro Help Legal Australia provides an encrypted video connection service with several features, including calendaring, native in-meeting API, and more.

It is Australia specific and is geo-fenced and customised to truly adapt and address Australian requirements and needs.

With Pro Help Legal Australia, all Australians can truly access live legal help anytime, anywhere!

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