Ricky Nowak and Associates

Ricky Nowak and Associates is a bespoke leadership development and coaching consultancy specialising in helping professionals achieve outstanding leadership results for themselves, their teams and their businesses.  Since 2000, Managing Director Ricky Nowak has developed an enviable reputation as being one of the most trusted and engaging leadership speakers, coaches and trainers in corporate Australasia – working closely in the professional services sector to ensure they deliver excellence in leadership, service and communication.

Clients come from diverse industries ranging from Legal, Finance, Banking, Insurance, Construction, Transport, Logistics, Government, Medical, Manufacturing and IT. 

Ricky Nowak and Associates works nationally and globally.   

What we do for the legal community

Ricky Nowak helps leaders in law rewire their thinking and behaviour so they are can respond swiftly to the changing expectations and needs of their business and clients.

Her insight in people and personalities, together with her experience in the legal fraternity allows her to assist in building an individual’s personal brand as well as their firm. She helps them respond to ongoing market challenges and opportunities in innovative yet simple ways. By custom designing innovative leadership coaching and engaging training support for all levels she helps people (and the industry) stay fresh and focussed and achieve their commercial goals and personal career outcomes.

To learn more about Ricky Nowak and Associates and the services they provide, head to www.rickynowak.com or www.rickynowakcoaching.com

Content from Ricky Nowak and Associates

How to Commercialise Conversations to Win More Business

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