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In 2017, Deborah Vella founded Support Legal to enable her to continue her passion for legal practice as well as support her young and growing family.  Support Legal is Deborah’s vision of what professional working parents can achieve within a supportive business environment.

Our team uses the power of document automation and human intelligence in a unique approach to designing and drafting legal documents and solutions. These are the keys to modern practice. We work efficiently, effectively and flexibly, in a way which meets the needs of both clients and our people.  You will benefit by working with us in a way that suits you and your practice.

What we do for the legal community

We offer legal design and document automation solutions for legal professionals and small law practices. We also offer quality Australian legal documents and tools online that can be used by small law practices as part of their solutions to their clients.

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What Legal Solutions Will Benefit Your Practice

If we’ve learned anything over the last few crazy weeks, it’s that the “future of law” is here. It’s simply modern practice. It’s efficient. It’s effective. It’s our new normal, and you need to get on board now. One of the …

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