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Voom Pricing

Legally Yours and David Wells from Voom Pricing - How it Works from Karen Finch on Vimeo.

In this video, David Wells from Voom Pricing sits down with Legally Yours CEO, Karen Finch, to share his story of why he created Voom Pricing, as well as his vision, values and mission for Voom Pricing and how lawyers and professional service providers will utilise this incredible service.

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It’s ironic but so many professionals are clueless about the true value they create for customers.

Lawyers are no exception.

As the founder and principal of Voom Pricing, David Wells helps professionals to uncover that value.

When they do, they are usually able to:

  • identify customers who fit them best;
  • go narrow and deep with their expertise;
  • capture value with strategic pricing; and
  • increase profitability.

Contact Details:

David Wells
+61 409 417 734