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Dylan O’Brien – Handing your Digital Remains in the 21st Century

By Legally Yours Intern, Nithini Perera

The future is digital and it’s here to stay. In this month’s Legally Yours Lunch and Learn Dylan Meyer O’Brien shares his app creation – Be Prepared – a secure and comprehensive cloud platform that manages and distributes clients’ digital assets after they pass away. Dylan shares his insights into how we can handle our digital remains and gain greater control of our assets in the 21st century.

The Problem

We store, share and access most of our important information digitally, including photos, messages, passcodes, subscriptions, and crypto currencies. But what happens to this information when we die? The truth of matter is that there is no organised and secure means of managing this data when we pass away.

The Solution

‘Be Prepared’ is an app that provides the perfect solution for this problem. Dylan shares the three concerns he had when creating the app- it must be safe and secure, it must only release data only after the client’s death and it must be simple to use.

Safe and Secure

‘Be Prepared’ encrypts every user’s data with an individual key, application key and a database key. By forcing 2 Factor Authentication and strong passwords, the app ensures a high level of security that is not provided any other storage platform, such as the cloud or google docs. Through SSL encryption that encrypts all traffic between your computer and the servers, ‘Be Prepared’ stores any changes to the client’s data and tracks any abnormal action to trace potential bad actors.

Must Release Data Only After the Client’s Death

Following the client’s death, either a lawyer or a lawyer as well as a group of confidantes can begin the release process. It’s as simple as clicking a command on a screen and ensures your data is released exactly as you want to.

Simple to Use

All it takes is a simple three-step process for you to gain greater control over your digital remains with ‘Be Prepared’. By creating an item, assigning people and save on location you can control who can access your digital remains.

The app is adaptable to the preferences of each client. Those who may not be comfortable with creating items on the app can use emails to assemble and share those files.

How can ‘Be Prepared’ help your firm grow?

  • Providing a comprehensive and complete estate plan for clients
  • Generating recurring revenue by charging clients provided by the platform
  • Becomes more competitive in the marketplace by specialising in digital estate which is becoming increasingly commonplace
  • Increasing client ‘stickiness’ by being linked to clients’ digital estate
  • Allowing estate to be finalised up to 10 times faster

Finally, Dylan provides some advice as to how to be prepared for manage and distribute our digital assets and information

  • As an individual, plan ahead for the distribution of your digital assets
  • As a business owner, create a plan to keep the company running
  • As an estate lawyer, create a system for your clients

Dylan leaves us with some food for thought as we wrap up the LY Lunch and Learn- what’s on your phone or your computer, who do you want to pass on these digital remains and what do you want people to do with these when you’re gone?