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Event Snapshot: Silicon Beach Pitch Night 1st July 5:30 pm

On 1st July, Anastasia Misarvidis-Tyshing (our Legally Yours Intern representative) attended this event, which commenced with a quick thank you to Silicon Beach sponsors. This week’s sponsors included Legally Yours and Think Innovation!

Charlene David and her company CFO Works was also offering support to all start-ups. Finally, David Heasly and Silicon Beach’s Lead Organiser, David Hauser helped to provide some of the prizes for the night. The events facilitator was Legally Yours CEO and ALTA vice president Karen Finch.

These events are dedicated to the incredible entrepreneurs that showcase their start-ups and aim to empower founders.

There were three amazing prizes up for grabs for the pitch contenders! The first prize offered by David Hauser was a spot in his THNK.U-bator Programme, offered through his company Think Innovation. The next prize was a one-on-one entrepreneur training session with John Perry, founder of various start-ups. Finally, the third prize up for grabs was a 6-month access to the Pro Account for the My Career Capital platform, offered by its founder Julie Dal Santo.

Each presenter was given 90 seconds to provide a pitch for their company. After, David, Julie and John provided personalised feedback.

First up was Andrew Purchas with Wonder Fund. Wonder Fund seeks to cultivate the next money-smart generation. They are an investment platform that allows parents to give monetary gifts to their children instead of traditional material belongings. Funds contributed are invested until the child turns 18, to give them the best start into adulthood. Wonder Fund was pitching tonight to sponsors, in order to continue to scale the initiative.

Next up was Ben Southall, founder and developer of Talked is an online therapy booking service that boasts an integrated, all-inclusive platform. Described as a ‘therapy marketplace’, you are able to book professionals, pay online and look at reviews all on the Talked platform. Talked is looking for a non-technical co-founder to help with marketing and research. –

Denham DSilva presented his company Agoratech Pty Ltd. Their mission is to even the playing field and allow small artisanal producers to compete with large-scale mass producers. Agora uses a simple but highly effective proprietary platform/marketplace that removes the middleman and connects the customer, venue, and producer directly by leveraging social media habits. Denham is looking for a technical co-founder to help develop his start-up.

Vince (Vinny) Alder was next to present and jumped off his presentation by introducing his new product, the Smart Reflector. The Smart Reflector is a device that can direct solar energy when you choose, allowing for heating in summer and cooling in winter. This device will provide its user free energy and help mitigate climate change. Vinny is looking for software engineers to help with development of machine learning algorithms.

Next to present was Rod Lewis, CEO of MediKane. MediKane develops and sells Food as Medicine products with pharmaceutical drug development and scientific rigour, using plant-based natural products. The aim of the pitch for MediKane tonight was to gain investors into the product. –

Mengru Zheng was up next with Think Innovation! Think Innovation helps entrepreneurs, start-ups, SMEs, corporations, and government bodies to create products and services that their clients and customers love. They do this through the coaching service they provide. The purpose for Think Innovation’s pitch was to find developers, technical co-founders, and investors.

Advait Kulkarni introduced his new concept of a platform that collates different locations within your city, in order to help international students, locate local hangouts. Advait is looking for individuals with sales and business backgrounds to help with partnerships.

Next in line was Harry who was pitching a new learning programme to be implemented in schools. The programme focuses on speech and interview skills. They aim to help students with both their verbal and written skills—emphasizing learning by doing through role play. Harry was pitching to get some feedback from the experts in the panel!

The final pitch for the night was Riley Underwood. Riley has recently launched a scheduling app. It seeks to help busy students and professionals manage their time and helps make sure your time is efficient from when you wake up till when they sleep.

To finish the event, everyone was invited into breakout rooms to ask more questions and network amongst the different start-ups and entrepreneurial experts.

To find out more about Silicon Beach or work out when their next pitch night will be you can follow the link.