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Event Snapshot: Silicon Beach Pitch Night October 2021

By Anastasia Misarvidis-Tyshing

This month Silicon Beach hosted another one of their amazing virtual pitch nights! The primary mission of Silicon Beach is to empowered founders to fulfil their start-up vision and values. Each start-up has 90 seconds to pitch its idea and captivate the judges, with winners of the pitch night receiving various prizes.

To jump off the event David Hauser Founder of THINK.Innovation and Silicon Beach’s Lead Organiser, acknowledged the important Silicon Beach Sponsors. A big thank you went out to AppDemo Videos, Heasley Lawyers, THINK.Innovation, CFO works and of course Legally Yours. Legally Yours CEO and ALTA Vice President Karen Finch then went on to introduce the Judges!

The first judge of the night was Shamila Gopalan, an entrepreneur and a corporate leader that has been at the helm of building businesses both independently and within Fortune 500 firms across the globe for over 25 years. She is the Co-Founder of Mechanics of Scale and Founder of HerWit. Shamila’s prize included a 1.5-hour coaching session on how to put together a killer pitch deck, to help new start-ups gain those important investors!

The second judge was Shelin David, founder of CFOWorx, a one-stop-shop providing modern accounting and financial advisory solutions for start-ups and SME businesses. CFOWorx offers holistic accounting and financial solutions with a focus on effective reporting, strategy, growth, and operations. In her work with start-ups to validate, launch and scale, Shelin is not just siloed in the accounting or finance track, but on both sides of the desk. Her prize featured a 1-hour Lean Canvas Model Workshop, to help the lucky winner establish a solid roadmap for their start-up.

David Heasley also offered a free 60-minute design thinking session from THNK.innovation.

The first up to pitch was Arjun Agarwal, the founder of Inaam Impact Investments Pty Ltd. Inaam seeks to help make investing accessible for young people. It features an app showing how young Australians can invest their money by digitally packaging global stocks that make an impact and taking the guesswork out of marketing. Arjun is pitching today for a technical co-founder to help launch their platform.

Next up was Samuel Kanagaraj from ProximalSpace, a new remote working start-up. As more of our working lives continue to move online ProximalSpace seeks to create a marketplace solution that provides companies with office spaces across various locations, providing a work near home solution for staff. Samuel is looking to get the word out about his start-up and is looking for someone with marketing experience to join the cause!

Afonso Firmo from NetNada jumped off his pitch by sharing his inspiration for climate change to address environmental issues. NetNada makes it easier for its clients to go green by providing software services through their all-in-one platform, which analyses the analytics of a company’s sustainability and emissions. From there they help clients make the important changes our planet needs and increase company profits while doing it. Right now, they are pitching for more people to join their journey and investors for their C ground.

MirrARme is a virtual try-on service for the fashion industry, introduced by Zac Swindells. It allows customers to try before they buy using cutting edge technology to give a real look and fit for online shoppers using AI technology.

Up to pitch next was Miki Shapiro from Quilibrium a holistic input supplier utilising an infrastructure design to help farmers. They’re pitching for 2 million AUD to invest in infrastructure design, training design and day-to-day operations.

Scott Phillips was pitching VR Walker, a pair of motorised shoes that immobilise the user whilst allowing them to freely go through the motion of walking while users are in virtual reality. Unlike omni-directional treadmills, the VR Walker boasts a sleeker design for a more seamless natural simulated walking experience. Today Scott was pitching for a 1 million AUD investment.

Jo Agresta is a real estate marketplace survivor and Founder of Abodey. Abodey seeks to connect clients with verified agents helping people to either sell or buy homes, taking the stress out of this exciting process, in a secure way. Jo is pitching today for exposure!

The final pitch for the night was Nicholas Heng from Student Consulting. Student Consulting is a platform that helps current students break into the market by providing them exposure to real work and meaningful work experiences in the healthcare industry. Currently, Nicholas is looking for students to take up these opportunities, a legal advisor and more general practitioners to build his network!

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