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The law can be complicated.
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Finding a lawyer can be daunting, so we decided to make it easier. Legally Yours gives you access to a selection of lawyers you can trust. No surprise bills, no confusing legal jargon, just the expert legal advice you need.

Guaranteed agreed upfront fees for all legal services
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Qualified, experienced lawyers who won’t bamboozle you with jargon.

We guarantee our lawyers will look after you. All have a minimum of five years experience and have been personally vetted to ensure they meet the Legally Yours standard of client care.

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Guaranteed agreed upfront fees means your lawyer will provide a fixed-fee quote upfront, which you can agree to before proceeding.

When you submit a request to talk to a lawyer, we guarantee you will hear back from your selected lawyer no later than 2 business days from receipt of your request.

All lawyers in our marketplace are qualified and have a minimum of 5 years legal experience.

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What our clients have to say

"I was compelled to write this review as the service, professionalism and support was outstanding.  I will be telling all my family and friends about Legally Yours as the service was timely, affordable and professional. I will definitely use them again if needed.  Thank you Karen for your support, empathy and professional guidance. Legally Yours took the guess work out of where to go to get professional and expert advice. We had no idea how to navigate the legal system . Your team are simply outstanding - thank you"
"In need of immediate legal advice and without deep knowledge of employee and corporate law, I turned to Legally Yours for help.  The manner in which Legally Yours canvasses their solicitors gave me immediate confidence in having Shane Wescott advise me on my legal rights.  The promptness and quality of the service was exceptional and exactly what was needed in my situation.  I sincerely recommend Legally Yours in times of legal need and I would certainly use their expertise again without hesitation.  There is now a wonderful solution to the legal uncertainty that all non legal people dread in their lives"
"It can be scary when growing your business and developing business relationships with other people and entities. Working with Legally Yours gave me the confidence to develop new offers and services because I finally felt that I was protected and most importantly that each party understood their rights and responsibilities. Their fixed-fee model allowed me to reach out for legal services before I needed them because I knew exactly what I was going to pay and knew I wouldn’t be getting a scary bill later!"
"I’ve used Legally Yours for everything from personal estate matters, through to my business. Every time, I’ve been matched with a great lawyer that I could immediately connect with, was quick and always seemed to take that little bit of extra care with me. I also completely appreciated the transparency on costs - and never ever one received a bill for more than the upfront quote I was provided. I can’t recommend Legally Yours enough. If only all lawyers could be trusted like them."
"We are an online platform-based startup, and found Legally Yours to be the perfect partner for our legal requirements. From a basic website user agreement, to a more complicated agreement with vendors and suppliers. The lawyer referred to us by Legally Yours was very responsive, efficient and totally understand the commercial needs of a startup business."
"We just want to thank you so much for helping us. Thank you for your fabulous service. We really appreciate it and will definitely recommend you to others."
"The Team at Legally Yours provided my business with terrific service, quality work and all for a great guaranteed fixed-fee price. We have been especially pleased with the quick turnaround that would have otherwise cost us a fortune through the traditional legal process model"
"My dealings with Legally Yours have always been seamless end to end. They are extremely responsive, thorough and prompt. It was also fantastic that even though they are fixed fee, they allowed me to review and comment on drafts until I was happy. This focus on service makes me happy to recommend them to all my clients."
"Legally Yours was a fantastic support for my business. It’s a relief as a small business to have legal work done on a fixed fee basis. Knowing exactly what I’ll be paying and not having any surprises is fantastic. I’d recommend Legally Yours to any small to medium sized business. They are perfect for me and my client base."
"I worked with the women at Legally Yours when going through the process of selling my business. They cared about the emotional side of selling a business and guided me through step by step what I needed to do to ensure all my legal obligations were met. They made the process easy and affordable while also communicating in a way I understood without the legal jargon. I can highly recommend LegallyYours for all small business owners to simplify the process."
"Like most people, I didn’t have anyone who I considered to be ‘my lawyer’ so I was unsure where to turn for support until I was introduced to Legally Yours who connected me with a lawyer with expertise in this field. The process was smooth, the advice was sound and the cost was fixed – I couldn’t have asked for a better experience."

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