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How to Find Your Tribe – LY and RTL Group Mentoring Session

Event Snapshot written by LY Intern – Christine Bulos

LY and RTL Group Mentoring Session – How to Find Your Tribe

In this session, Legally Yours (LY) collaborated with Rose Tinted Law to share some advice with early career LY Members on how to build your professional network in an authentic way.

Rose delved into the topic of how to find your tribe and thrive.

The term ‘Networking’ often carries some form of negative connotation, simply because it is a more structured form of connecting with others.

However, it is important to attempt to remove this barrier from one’s mind and remember that in essence, it simply is just meeting others in a slightly more formalised environment and discussing mutual points of interest.

The Legally Yours Network provides professionals at all stages of their career the opportunity to connect and meet with other like-minded individuals.

The online hub and the flat hierarchical structure allows for easy communication and growth of connections.

Those in the early stages of their careers are encouraged to begin the networking journey early and develop good working relationships with those around them, whether that be through University classes, professional events, or online platforms like LinkedIn.

Having people around you with mutual interests, humour and work ethic greatly assists with self-growth and growth of opportunities.

Rose suggests for early career professionals to attend industry events, whether they be online or in person, those hosted by Legally Yours or other organisations like the Legal Forecast or the Legal Institute of Victoria.

By cultivating authentic, genuine friendships with those you meet through events like these, future opportunities to flourish and potential collaboration becomes a very real prospect.

Such relationships will prove to positively serve you later on, as you never know what opportunity may arise.

The legal profession is a highly collegial one that involves a high level of communication and collaboration with others around you, whether that be through working on a matter and meeting opposing counsel, working with clients, meeting superiors or simply through events.

Rose emphasises on always attempting to get involved and thereby creating your own luck and opportunities.

Taking an active role in the growth of your network will prove to serve you well, as putting yourself out there and putting in the work will always assist with the right opportunity eventually appearing.

Be sure to be genuine in your efforts and stay true to yourself when doing this.

It is often sometimes difficult to pinpoint how exactly to meet others in the profession. Rose suggests a variety of methods, including;

  • Utilising LinkedIn and connecting with others, but also creating and sharing your own content;
  • Joining professional associations at University and attending events hosted by different clubs and associations within;
  • Planning coffee chats are particularly useful as well as it allows for a more intimate, 1- on-1 discussion with someone who may be able to provide genuine advice and answer any questions you may have regarding the profession. Linked here is an article written by Rose that delves a little deeper into the benefits of coffee catch-ups;
  • Attending events that are interesting to you such as presentations by Academics on areas of interest also assist. Be selective with the ones you do end up attending and don’t be afraid to connect online with those you meet or the presenters at any given event; and
  • Simply maintaining an open-minded energy and mindset is also key to finding your tribe and those you genuinely vibe with.

Don’t be afraid and remember fortune favours the bold and brave!

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