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Interview with David and Kellie from Forensic Solutions

Written by Ashely Stratford

Kellie and David from Forensic Solutions Litigation Support are experienced forensic accountants providing litigation support services that find solutions for clients in a way that is fair and just.

As litigation support specialists Kellie and David are an independent party who review financial data and provide an expert opinion so that individuals can be well informed about their options. Having recently established their own firm, Kellie and David are well placed to speak to the impact of not only forensic accountants but also running a business.

Article Summary Points:

What makes Forensic Solutions so important?

David: As a smaller firm we are able to tailor our approach so that it is more personal. For instance, we are able to offer a fixed fee for our clients, in larger firms this is not always possible. Furthermore, we seek to establish good relationships with our clients, and will cater to their needs, whether by completing a ‘full-blown’ report or an overview letter. We find that our more flexible way of doing things allows us to have better relationships with our clients because we are able to better respond to their needs.

Kellie: Additionally, we are not bound by the same constraints of larger firms and can offer our clients flexible solutions that are aligned with their purpose. We find that given we are a small boutique firm it makes us more agile, clients have direct access to the experts, and we ensure that honest and realistic feedback is provided on matters.  ^

What made you want to start your current area of practice?

Kellie: Coming from a larger firm, David and I wanted to start our own practice so that we could offer our clients a more tailored approach. As a small firm we are driven by the needs of clients and not cost. Additionally, as an independent party we are better placed to provide accurate feedback because our purpose is not to pacify the client but rather tell them the truth. Our solutions are client focused, and we are open and honest about what we can deliver for them.

David: Also, as a small firm we have found that we are able to achieve a better work/life balance, which helps to make work more enjoyable. However, in saying that no two days are ever the same.  ^

Do you have any advice for those who wish to do the same and start their own business?

David: There is a lot to be learned by starting in a larger firm, and typically less risk. However, once you feel you are ready make the transition.

Kellie: It is important to earn your stripes and learn from a number of experienced people in your field of choice. David and I had both worked in larger firms prior to this and were able to get a good grounding there.  Also, having a partner in this has made the transition to running our firm so much easier and rewarding.  ^

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