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Interview with Rahul Kumar from Allied Legal

Earlier this month, Legally Yours intern Christine Bulos sat down with Rahul Kumar from Allied Legal to learn a little bit more about his legal journey, but also how he developed his passion for the world of innovation. Read on to learn more…

Article Summary Points:

  1. How did you start your journey within the law and how did you find your way into your current practice area?

Rahul started off his journey by studying a double bachelor’s degree in law and commerce, to which upon completion was able to obtain a graduate position at Big Four firm, Deloitte, working in corporate tax. Rahul was lucky enough to then do his “Masters in Law” through Deloitte, as well as then moving on to a boutique firm working in the Mergers & Acquisitions space.  He then switched paths by pursuing a position in London with Minter Ellison for 6 years, which coincidentally fell at the time of the Global Financial Crisis.

Working during such a turbulent time allowed Rahul to develop and strengthen his business development skills, as well as contributing to his general understanding of what it takes to own your own law firm. After this, Rahul returned to Australia and soon after found a position in-house in the renewable energy space. This position in particular acted as a flash of clarity for Rahul, as he really felt like he was making a genuine, tangible impact on the world around him.

Rahul loved working in the innovation space, which ultimately instigated the inception of his own firm – Allied Legal, a start-up and innovation-based law firm.  ^

Allied Legal differs quite substantially from other commercial law firms, as the service provided is highly personalised and individualistic – a rare trait amongst firms nowadays. Clients are able to obtain a level of engagement that isn’t so readily available at other firms. The firm is very commercially minded, and outcomes focused, allowing the client to more closely obtain the sort of outcome they desire. Allied Legal understands the difficulties many start-ups face, including resource and time constraints, the fluidity of the industry in general and how dynamic it can be. Rahul and the team are able to work directly with founders to advise on risk frameworks and to ensure the best end result is obtained.  ^

  1. What do you love most about what you do?

Rahul loves working in the start-up space as it allows him to mix with individuals with highly diverse skillsets. People that are leaders in their respective fields, all coming together to disrupt a particular market is no small feat, and being part of this, even though the legal realm, allows for great learning and highly interesting work to be done. Rahul considers this as one of the key things he loves about his job.

He especially appreciates that he is able to assist clients who work across a variety of industries, including e-commerce, healthcare, agriculture, infrastructure and more. Every day is therefore essentially different, and you are constantly learning.  ^

Upon reflection, Rahul would advise to place a high emphasis on understanding and fostering relationships with those around you, whether they be clients or co-workers. Understand that your focus shouldn’t be solely on completing the work, but also fostering relationships with surrounding key players. As Rahul said himself, “The ones who make it, are the ones that are best at working with others.”  ^

You can find out more about Allied Legal by visiting the website here. Allied Legal is very active on social media, so definitely follow them on LinkedIn and Facebook as well.

Allied Legal also has big plans in the mix, including a subscription-based offering, an online portal to access legal documents, as well as a grants service for start-up’s, so be sure to visit their website to learn more!  ^