Legally Yours and Silicon Beach Group present ‘How to Use the R&D Tax Incentive to Boost your Startup Cashflow’

Legally Yours, together with the Silicon Beach Group, presented a virtual legal lunch and learn session with Anthony Curtin from Merton Lawyers, Peter Nolle from Treadstone, Brendan Bennett from Fundsquire and Mary Karolyi from HQ Hub on Tuesday 25th August 2020

Anthony Curtin from Merton Lawyers, Peter Nolle from Treadstone, Mary Karolyi from HQ Hub and Brendan Bennett from Fundsquire covered a lot in this ‘hour of power’, including why R&D tax is the top rebate accessed by over 15,000 businesses each year; what is an eligible R&D activity; how to ensure your compliance documentation will pass an audit; and how to leverage R&D lending to access your rebate 6 months early.

About our Presenters

Anthony Curtin, Managing Partner, Merton Lawyers
Anthony is a Co Managing Partner at Merton Lawyers specialising in advising clients in commercial and corporate matters. His clients come from a range of industries including technology, property and the start-up and emerging business sector. Anthony has engaged with business that have been conducting Research and Development and exporting products and services.

Peter Nolle, Founder, Treadstone Enterprises
Peter is a registered R&D tax practitioner, he has over 11 year’s experience navigating the Grants and rebates system in order to deliver his clients companies all types of R&D Tax Rebates, innovation and export grants. Peter’s background included running a software startup in 2006 that received R&D tax rebates and other government grants.

Brendan Bennett, Head of Partnerships and Strategy, Fundsquire
Brendan, in his capacity at Fundsquire, enables companies to access future R&D entitlements in the form of a loan. This early access to funds plays a critical role in alleviating cash flow issues in developing businesses.

Mary Karolyi, Founder, The Hub HQ
Mary is a seasoned CFO who is currently advising several companies that regularly access R&D tax and export rebates. Mary, along with her team at The HQ Hub, understand the unique requirements that are essential to successfully claiming rebates and how to effectively use these to facilitate strong cash flow.

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