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Legally Yours in the Press – Karen Finch Ticker News Interview

Legally Yours in the Press – Karen Finch Ticker News Interview 12pm – 25 June 2021.mp4 from Karen Finch on Vimeo.

In this Ticker News TV interview, Legally Yours CEO, Karen Finch, talks about the inaccessibility to legal services crisis happening around the world.

70-80% of people who have legal needs don’t engage with a lawyer to seek the legal help they need. The number 1 reason for this is fear around price, and the second reason is lack of trust.

Everyday people struggle to find a trusted lawyer, or sometimes don’t even realise they need one, mainly because lawyers have made themselves so inaccessible by not disclosing their fees upfront, not providing enough free legal information, and making themselves too difficult to find and access their services.

Throughout 2020, and now into 2021, business owners, mums and dads, everyday people need legal information and advice to help them navigate complex and tricky situations, from frustrated contracts, support in negotiating out of commercial leases, drafting a Will, or separating from their partner during a lockdown.

But where have all the lawyers gone? How can people find a trusted lawyer in their time of need?