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Legally Yours Interview with Bronwyn Eynon-Lewis from Lacuna Legal

“It was really a no-brainer to partner with Legally Yours” – Partner Interview with Bronwyn Eynon-Lewis from Lacuna Legal

30 March 2021

A bit about Bronwyn’s journey… 

Since finishing her law degree, Bronwyn has worked in a number of roles both within Australia and abroad. Shortly after being admitted in Queensland, Bronwyn took a six-month secondment to Hong Kong which ended up lasting 13 years. Whilst overseas, Bronwyn worked for international law firms, held an in-house role and was admitted to practice law in New York. During her time in Hong Kong, Bronwyn developed an understanding of how she could apply her skills and knowledge to different roles within the legal industry.

Making the shift…

When she returned to Australia, Bronwyn could see the challenges faced by lawyers and others working in large law firms if they had family and other commitments outside of work. As a mother to three children herself, Bronwyn wanted more control and flexibility around her work schedule and calendar.

Why was Lacuna Legal Providers created?

Lacuna Legal Providers came about when co-founders Allison Warburton and Bronwyn considered other options for law careers, particularly for primary care givers or families where parents had dual careers and were trying to combine these with commitments outside of work. 

“The aim in creating Lacuna Legal Providers was to provide lawyers with another option that would help senior, experienced and independent professionals continue their careers at times when they might have other things going on in their lives that don’t fit with a traditional law firm career.” 

Lacuna Legal Providers offers the management, back office and administration services that you would expect to find in a large law firm to independent lawyers and boutique law firms. When starting out, lawyers or smaller law firms might not be able to afford to employ marketing, finance, tech and other specialists. Working with a team of tested experts, Lacuna Legal Providers delivers these services for a monthly subscription fee. 

Where does Legally Yours fit in?

Bronwyn and Karen met at a conference in 2019. It soon became clear that there was significant alignment between Legally Yours and Lacuna Legal Providers. Bronwyn admired Karen’s approach to the legal industry and felt the values between both companies were well aligned. “It was really a no-brainer to partner with Legally Yours”, said Bronwyn, “I was also certain that working with Karen would be a huge amount of fun and very rewarding – which it has been.”

What’s next for Bronwyn?

Lacuna Legal Providers is excited to be continuing the partnership with Legally Yours as the platform evolves. Bronwyn, Allison and Gemma are looking forward to meeting more of the network and being part of the Legally Yours community which is constantly looking for better ways for all lawyers and challenging the status quo.

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This article was written by Legally Yours Intern, Jordana Lee.

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