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Legally Yours Interview with Emily Knowles from Human Link

22 March 2021

The name Emily Knowles may ring a bell for those of you who attended, or watched, the event ‘The Burnout Pandemic’ or who are attending the upcoming event Legal Trash and Treasure Think Tank session ‘Performing in the Storm’. However, you may not be aware of this incredible woman’s journey and mission for her partnership with Legally Yours. 

A bit about Emily’s journey… 

Emily began her career studying law and participated in an overseas exchange program in Switzerland where she was concurrently undertaking studies in psychology and foreign languages. After publishing her honours thesis in the Restitution Law Review, and subsequently taking on the role of Associate to a Justice of the Supreme Court of South Australia, Emily chose to pause the completion of her Practical Legal Training (PLT) curriculum components. 

By this stage Emily had become very interested in the human behaviour which she was witnessing in the court from her time as a Judge’s Associate. This heightened her passion around human behaviour and Emily discovered this was something that she really ought to explore. From here, Emily chose to pursue her deep interest for ‘humans at work’ and moved into the area of organisational psychology. In time, Emily requalified as a psychologist and now practises as a registered psychologist. She is currently furthering her specialism in a Registrar Program.

Where does Legally Yours fit in?

Emily chose to join the Legally Yours (LY) membership as it stood out as a platform for innovation. Emily was keen to work with lawyers and continue to do the work of organisational psychology and so believed it was a very good fit. Emily is currently working at Human Link in a consulting role. Emily is dedicated to “putting the whole human into the workforce”. Emily’s focus as a psychologist is based around the way in which she is able to support, enable and cultivate a way of working in the legal profession that acknowledges (and embraces) the “human-ness” about the way we all work. Further, Emily is highly energised to work with lawyers, law firms, and the legal system to deepen the support for challenges individuals face in the legal sector.

Emily’s ‘Why’…

Emily’s vigour and commitment for what she does stems from the conversations she has with clients, participants and peers, and from making connections with lawyers and helping them to think differently about the work that they do. She also loves exploring ways of doing things differently and the strategic leadership work with which she is involved. Currently Emily is involved with a number of different professional and vocational projects, both with LY and in her personal life. She is actively involved with the psychological community and her topics of interest include the wellbeing of working from home, leader wellbeing and the psychology of the world of work for lawyers. Emily subscribes to a holistic model of health and practice, and ensure to embody this in her own life and in her work. 
Emily aims to foster highly interactive experiences to enable her clients, participants and colleagues to engage with the content that she meaningfully shares. She believes in making space for listening ‘with intent’. Emily loves sharing the content she creates (all of which is evidence-based) and translating it in such a way that it is accessible for her audience.

This article was written by Legally Yours Intern, Jordana Lee.

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