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The Legally Yours Marketplace Explained

Legally Yours – Access to Legal Services Made Easy!

Legally Yours is Australia’s leading legal marketplace that enables all Australians that have individual or business legal needs to access quality, experienced lawyers without the bill shock! We take away the fear, confusion, and difficulty in trying to find a lawyer, by matching clients with vetted, experienced, progressive lawyers, who only offer upfront fixed pricing on their legal services.

Statistics tell us that between 70-80% of people who have legal needs do not engage with lawyers. They either choose to seek advice from other professional or personal sources, or worse, do nothing.  When we surveyed individuals, start-up founders and business owners on why they would choose not to engage with a lawyer for their legal need, we learnt 3 vital things – people wanted transparency and price from lawyers; they wanted more legal information so they felt educated and empowered to engage with lawyers, and they wanted an easy way to find the lawyers who would not ‘rip them off’.  Legally Yours solves all three of these blockers.

Article Summary Points:

The Legally Yours Story

For Founder and CEO Karen Finch, the story behind Legally Yours is a personal one. Karen grew up in awe of her father – an amazing entrepreneur with creativity, energy, and ideas – but was devastated to watch him lose everything when he became involved in a litigation matter.

In the hope of trying to prevent other people suffering the same fate as her father, Karen pursued a career in law, but shortly after qualifying, was introduced to ‘billable hours’ – the preferred way for lawyers to charge for their services. The billable hours model is the traditional way law firms charge their clients; however, this does not give much consideration to a holistic view on providing an overall professional service to clients.

It was not until several years later when Karen became involved in Legally Yours that she had the opportunity to help change things for the better.

In 2019, Bianca Dowdell became involved with Legally Yours and in 2020 became a co-owner. Bianca’s background and expertise in finance and business has enabled Legally Yours to grow and mature into the rapidly scaling leading legal marketplace it is today.  ^

The Legally Yours difference

Likened to being the ‘Air BnB’ of legal marketplaces, Legally Yours showcases the ‘human’ behind the lawyer. Our Lawyer Members provide peace of mind to their clients so they can sleep well at night knowing they have connected with the right lawyer without the bill shock!  But what makes Legally Yours different from our competitors?

Guaranteed agreed upfront fees
When you connect with a lawyer through Legally Yours, your lawyer will provide you with an upfront quote detailing exactly what you will receive for the money you spend. This will be a “fixed-fee” quote, which means your lawyer will deliver the agreed services for a set price.

Were a marketplace, not a law firm
Legally Yours lets you choose from a range of lawyers and law firms so you can select the right lawyer for your needs. Our online marketplace makes it easy to browse, select and connect with a lawyer wherever you are. No travelling, no waiting in the foyer, it is simple, fast and convenient.

Pre-approved lawyers you can trust
When it comes to the lawyer/client relationship, trust is paramount. All the lawyers in the Legally Yours marketplace have a minimum of five years’ experience and have been personally vetted to ensure they meet our high standard of client care.  ^

How Does it Work?

Head to, click on ‘Looking for a Lawyer’ and in 4 easy steps you are connected with a trusted, vetted fixed-fee lawyer.

Looking for free legal information?

We have you covered.

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