Legally Yours & Silicon Beach present ‘Understanding Government Grants and Applying for Awards’ with Stuart Haines – Event Snapshot

Stuart Haines is the Founder and Managing Director of Haines Consulting Group which is a consultancy firm which specialises in business strategy, growth and marketing. In this online event, Stuart shares his knowledge and advice on applying for government grant and awards to support start-ups and SMEs to enhance their commercialisation and business growth. Stuart has a Master of Business from RMIT University and has held a number of employment positions globally in China and America. Stuart has extensive experience in international business and has held a number of positions on boards which has enhanced and developed his expertise over the last decade.

Government Grants

Stuart Haines discusses all things government grants and awards which are available to SMEs and start-ups. There are a number of a grants at both Federal and State levels for businesses to access. Additionally, Stuart mentions a number of regional grants which are available. Grants available are both small and larger grants and Stuart gives advice and tips on how to apply for grants of both sizes. 

Tips for Applying for Grants

Stuart provides useful tips for apply for both small and large government grants. He stresses the importance of downloading and reading the guidelines of each grant as these determine eligibility. Information is provided in the guidelines as to the selection criteria which ultimately determine ideal candidate being sought. Stuart provides useful tips for minimising the time pressures of writing multiple applications which can help for future applications. There are a large number of useful tips which Stuart shares to enable success with government grant applications – most importantly, submit before the deadline! 

Stuart gives detailed advice about tips for applications for small and large grants and the differences in the competition for these applications. 

Awards – How businesses can benefit from these?

Stuart explains that there are a number of awards that an individual can apply for on behalf of their business. These awards can open up a number of opportunities for the business and employees. These can range from smaller sector-specific awards right up to large sector-specific awards which can help to increase awareness and profile of your business, stand from competitors and even can function to provide other public relations benefits. Businesses which receive and achieve awards are able to leverage their position in the competition and this allows businesses to help sell their product and market themselves over social media and throughout other platforms.

Stuart provides useful information and strategies on how businesses can leverage the award they receive to benefit their business – a multidisciplinary marketing strategy. 

If you are keen to hear more about how you and your busines can apply and succeed with government grant and award applications from an expert in the industry, this is the one to watch!

This article was written by Legally Yours Intern, Jordana Lee

This article does not constitute legal advice or a legal opinion on any matter discussed and, accordingly, it should not be relied upon. It should not be regarded as a comprehensive statement of the law and practice in this area. If you require any advice or information, please speak to a practicing lawyer in your jurisdiction. No individual who is a member, partner, shareholder or consultant of, in, or to any constituent part of Legally Yours Pty Ltd accepts or assumes responsibility, or has any liability, to any person in respect of this article.

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