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Making a Difference and Empowering Future Generations

Legally Yours intern, Monique Walker, spoke with Legally Yours community-member, Rose Cocchiaro, about her journey to founding ‘Resolve Divorce’ and the importance of being brave and empathetic.

Article Summary Points:

Founding Resolve Divorce

Resolve Divorce is a family law firm which Rose says she sees not so much as a legal practice but as a business, with clients and their needs at the centre of everything they do. Rose has a flare for creativity and enjoys challenging traditional methods of practice by thinking broadly about problems and treating her clients holistically. Through her business, Rose seeks to set the standard for the family law sector—a standard that cuts through egos and conflict-driving behaviours and focuses on clients’ emotional wellbeing, life goals and vision for their future post-divorce. This holistic view of the client motivated Rose to become a certified divorce coach to provide support at an emotional level, alongside legal advice.

Resolve Divorce have a ‘round table promise’ to clients, that provides the opportunity for clients to sit with their spouse to talk through the conflict, with the support of lawyers and qualified specialists. This promise is a manifestation of Resolve Divorce’s belief that ‘the best way to resolve any conflict is to communicate’. Rose believes that the best outcome is not solely the best legal outcome but the best outcome for her clients emotionally and financially as well. She has found that with a goal-driven approach, clients are often willing to settle.  ^

Making an Impact in the Community

Many women going through divorce have experienced some form of financial abuse. Rose is going the extra mile to address this issue, in her pursuit of making a difference, by empowering future generations through school education programs. Rose and her team have started going into schools and speaking to students, particularly young girls, about the importance of ‘marrying well’; that is, marrying someone who will support your goals as much as their own.  ^

Advice to Lawyers

On reflection, if she had any advice for younger lawyers, it would be to ‘be braver, sooner’. Rose has accomplished so much in her career—founding her own law firm and becoming an accredited specialist—but if she could go back, she would have empowered herself earlier. Young lawyers should not wait to achieve their goals to be brave and be heard.

What is the most important attribute that all lawyers should seek to develop?

Rose pauses and nods before resolvedly answering this question in one word,

‘Empathy,’ she says.

Showing empathy means listening and not assuming what the client wants simply based on how the law usually operates. As a colleague once advised her, ‘the client doesn’t know how much you know, they just know how you make them feel’.

Rose believes that lawyers ‘have to be humbled by the client and their needs’. It is about going beyond the law to deeply understand what the client wants out of the situation. Rose supports her clients to self-reflect and consider why they are upset and what value is being challenge that is fuelling the conflict they experience. It is clear that client-centric service is at the core of the ethos at Resolve Divorce.  ^