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Open Legal- Flexible Legal Solutions

Written by Nithini Perera

Philip Evangelou is the co-founder and director of Open Legal, a commercial law firm that aims to provide flexible legal solutions to clients through a fixed, value-based pricing structure.

Having established himself in litigation for over 14 years and having founded multiple organisations and passion projects, including a social impact toy store- Kupendo Kids- Philip’s approach towards the law is inspiring and definitely far from conventional.

Today we sat down to discuss Philip’s journey towards starting Open Legal, the package-based pricing model and the role of legal advisers in the growth and success of start-ups.

From litigation to launching Kupendo Kids

Having immersed himself in various fields of law including employment law, IP, finance, leases, dispute resolution, property and insurance, Philip had acquired a rather broad knowledge of legal and commercial matters over the years. This was when he decided to take a break from work and learn a new skill.

As digital marketing was a new and upcoming area, Philip signed up to a Nomad MBA to study digital marketing and travel to South Africa. He used these skills to fuel his passion project- Kupendo Kids- a social impact toy store based in Capetown that employs Indigenous women to create handmade children’s toys.

For every toy sold, one toy is donated to a local orphanage in South Africa. ‘For every toy you buy, you are creating joy in your child’s life as well as another child’s life’, Philip shares the personal meaning behind his organisation.

Digital marketing and Open Legal

The targeted digital marketing skills he had gained allowed Philip to launch Open Legal- a commercial law firm that strives to provide reliable and efficient legal services through a reasonable and transparent pricing model.

Philip discusses how the use of digital marketing allowed him to expand beyond the traditional networking strategies and quickly gain market share through the use of social media and other digital tools.

How is Open Legal doing law differently?

Open Legal offers three packages that involve a monthly fee that will meet the legal needs of a business. The subscription of a minimum of 12 months provides unlimited access to a lawyer to discuss any legal matter. For a small business or start-up, the package is only $99 per month plus GST and in addition to the legal advice, Open Legal offers a 10% discount on any legal services for all subscribers.

A bespoke package is offered to larger businesses that have regular legal work. ‘Flexible legal solutions is our mantra’, Philip states as he discusses the importance of the package-based pricing system that allows lawyers to meet the demands of businesses in a flexible and reasonable manner. ‘Hourly based pricing creates a barrier for clients to openly communicate with lawyers.

Value-based pricing removes this barrier and focuses on the outcome we are trying to achieve for the client’.

Role of lawyers in the success and growth of a start-up

In addition to providing legal advice, Open Legal can advise clients on commercial risks which is imperative to avoiding costs and maximising profit of a start-up.

As many people aren’t aware of the legal and compliance requirements when they first start their business, seeking advice from a lawyer allows clients to assess risks and benefits when drawing up employment contracts, developing policies and procedures, having a shareholders’ agreement, or protecting your IP.

Starting at only $99 per month Open Legal provides you with a lawyer on call to discuss any employment or commercial legal matter.

Do you need legal advice?

If you have a specific question or you’d like to let us know what you need help with, head to our Talk to a Lawyer search resource and find the right lawyer for your needs.

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