Our Business

Legally Yours was created to help people access better legal services. In doing this, Legally Yours became an incredible community for lawyers, providing support, mentorship and opportunities for growth.

Creating connections within the law community.

Finding your tribe is so important. Not only does it give you a sense of community, but it’s also the key to professional growth. Legally Yours helps lawyers build valuable relationships and make new contacts within the law community and beyond.

Our Values

Meet the Team

Karen Finch

CEO and Founder of Legally Yours

Karen Finch is a non-practicing lawyer, CEO of Legally Yours, Vice President of the Australian Legal Tech Association (ALTA),  Legal Tech Editor for Idea Spies, a Law Reference Committee Member for CQ University Law School, a passionate Ambassador of the progressive law movement, and a strong supporter of the Australian startup community.

Fusing together her legal background, recruitment expertise and passion for shaking up the legal sector, Karen is passionate about facilitating faster, easier and more transparent access to fixed-fee lawyers throughout Australia.

Through Legally Yours, Karen is creating Australia’s largest fixed-fee legal network of lawyers, whilst also providing convenient, easy and simple access for the community to tap into legal expertise when they need it most.

Bianca Dowdell

CO-Owner and Director

Bianca Dowdell-Munro is the co-owner of Legally Yours in the role as COO. Spanning the last 20 years, Bianca has enjoyed a successful business career in the professional services. Bianca is a financial adviser, educator, and business strategist, who has a passion for building networks and adding value to those that surround her.

Bianca currently also owns a wealth management/accounting practice, a non-surgical medical clinic, and is evolving a passion project that encompasses the need for education of women in the wealth and wellness space.

Bianca was introduced to the Legally Yours team in 2015 when she used the services of the legal community herself and began referring her clients to lawyers in the Network. Due to the relationship that Bianca and Karen built over the next 4 years, it was a natural progression for Bianca to become part of the Legally Yours team in November 2019.

Bianca’s commitment to Legally Yours is about helping the community deliver superior services to individuals and businesses owners in a fixed fee, value-based delivery model. It excites her that the Legally Yours community are ahead of their time, through their use of technology, innovation, design thinking and pricing beyond the billable hour.

Alongside her business achievements, Bianca continues to have her hands full at home raising her beloved family, enjoying travel, adventure, a decent glass of red wine and spending quality time with her close group of friends and extended family.

Our Advisory Board

Our advisory board was set up to provide considered advice and objective guidance as we grow the Legally Yours network. Our board members are all experts in their various fields with years of experience, skills and knowledge in the professional services industry.

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