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Karen: So, Sam, let’s talk with the legal industry. What do you see as the main barriers of why people don’t like lawyers?

Samantha: I think billing is a major issue. Clients have no idea what they going to be billed and the fees are usually a big surprise. I know so many people who’ve engaged in lawyers and then had to mortgage their houses at the end of the settlement and I think that’s crazy.

Karen: And unfortunately, that’s not an isolated story and that’s probably not even the most extreme. You know some of the stories that I hear about is where a person approached me and said that they felt they’d build up this really amazing rapport with their lawyer.

It was in a matrimonial matter, and they called them up one time. The lawyer had just got back from holiday and they’re having this lovely chat and that was all wonderful, finished the call. And a couple of weeks later, she received an invoice for that call, and it was actually talking about the lawyer’s holiday. So, you know it’s… It absolutely…

Samantha: It’s shocking.

Karen: Baffles me.

Samantha: Yeah.

Karen: And you know what, she paid that invoice. She absolutely paid…

Samantha: Your joking?

Karen: No, she paid that invoice… And this is what really surprises me because the community is trained to expect this type of behaviour from lawyers. And I think another thing that really annoys me is the way that lawyers would tend to use a lot of legal jargon. They won’t educate their clients around their matters.

Samantha: Absolutely, I think, you know …

Karen: Yeah …

Samantha: Good friends of mine have said to me… “I’m, I’m too afraid to approach a lawyer.” You know, they’ve got no customer care, they don’t feel like they’ve got their needs at their best interest. So, I think that is a major issue.

Karen: Absolutely… We wouldn’t accept it from our doctors. We wouldn’t accept it from our mechanics. All other service industries, we… We would not accept that type of… You know… Terrible client care.

And I guess that’s what Sam and I here to talk to you about today because you actually have the power to change it. You can demand more from your lawyers. You don’t have to put up with this type of behaviour.

Lawyers can only practice If clients are willing to pay. And that’s why we created the Legally Yours Marketplace as an alternative for you to actually get connected and matched with fixed fee lawyers. We can make a change. So, we’re calling on all of you to demand more from your lawyers. So, don’t put out with it anymore.

Send a really clean message to the legal fraternity that you don’t want lawyers that aren’t fixed fee, that don’t care about their clients, and don’t have good customer service skills. By using the Legally Yours Marketplace, we will match you with a fixed fee lawyer who will give you good customer service, guaranteed.

So, give the Legally Yours Marketplace a go, we’re here to help and you can make a difference.

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