Our Story

Like most success stories there is a strong “why” at the heart of Legally Yours. Find out more about the story which has shaped our business.

Billable hours may be a great way for law firms to make money

But can have a devastating impact on clients.

For Founder and CEO Karen Finch, the story behind Legally Yours is a personal one. Karen grew up in awe of her father – an amazing entrepreneur with creativity, energy and ideas – but was devastated to watch him lose everything when he became involved in a litigation matter.

In the hope of trying to prevent other people suffering the same fate as her father, Karen pursued a career in law, but shortly after qualifying, was introduced to ‘billable hours’ – the preferred way for lawyers to charge for their services. The billable hours model is the traditional way law firms charge their clients , however this doesn’t give much consideration to a holistic view on providing an overall professional service to clients.

It wasn’t until several years later when Karen became involved in Legally Yours that she had the opportunity to help change things for the better. Legally Yours is an innovative platform designed to help give people access to lawyers who focus on value.

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At Legally Yours we hope to:

Increase transparency around billing

One of the biggest concerns people have when seeking legal advice is the lack of visibility and control over the cost. It is our mission to increase transparency around billing and give people the power to make an informed decision based on their financial circumstances.

See lawyers focus on value

By shifting away from “billable hours” lawyers are free to focus on their client. We want to see lawyers take pride in the value they offer their clients and build better relationships based on transparency, professionalism, connection and integrity.

Make legal advice as accessible as any other service

Just like you might access financial advice from an app on your phone, we want people to access legal advice with ease and confidence, from wherever they may be.

Paying it forward

Paying it forward

When a client connects with a lawyer through Legally Yours, we provide three meals for students in Ethiopia.