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Partner Interview: Kathy Constan

Legally Yours intern, Monique Walker, recently chatted to Kathy Constan, co-founder and CEO of LodgeX, which one of our Legally Yours Partner Companies. LodgeX has recently been named a winner in the Momentum Media Australian Digital Technology Awards, as ‘Mid-Range Business of the Year’.

Tell me about your career journey.

Kathy says she ‘fell into law’. After completing a Bachelor of Arts & Laws at the University of Melbourne, Kathy started out her career working in a small suburban firm that was on ‘a massive growth trajectory’. Then, at only 28 years old, Kathy started her own law firm with a business partner. Kathy recalls quickly learning to deal with the growth of the business, learning how to run a business on the job.

As a young female lawyer running her own practice, Kathy found confidence in knowing what she did well and building out her skillset and practice from there. She says that if she encountered work outside the scope of her knowledge, she was sure to find someone who could do it and learn from them.

How did you come to founding LodgeX and joining the Legally Yours community?

Eventually, Kathy came to a time in her life where she took a step back to re-evaluate what she wanted from her career and ask herself what success looked like for her.

When the opportunity arose for Kathy to start her own legal tech company, she knew that this was what she wanted to do. She wanted to create something.

Kathy speaks passionately about the platforms LodgeX has created such as Lapp, a remote workflow management software.

Kathy first met CEO of Legally Yours, Karen Finch when they were both appointed to the board of the Australian Legal Technology Association (ALTA). Kathy says she was inspired by Karen’s story and was enthusiastic about joining the Legally Yours community. LodgeX focuses on making client’s lives better and ensuring people are not scared of technology but embrace it; a pursuit that aligns well with Legally Yours.

What is your advice for other lawyers?

Kathy shared a plethora of valuable advice throughout our discussions.

She has an emphasis on learning and believes in giving things a go before seeking help. When a lawyer is starting out, she says it is important they do not simply do the task assigned, but they understand why they are doing it. Kathy notes that she always allows her staff to attempt work before sitting down with them to explain it and provide feedback. ‘Don’t ever underestimate [the value of] thinking’, she says.

Reflecting on her career journey up until now, Kathy says she never imagined becoming a legal tech founder when she started out. Her advice is ‘if you are somewhere and you don’t like where you are, then change it because it’s not where you’re supposed to be.’ When faced with rejection, be assured that it is leading you in the right direction. Kathy says, if she had gone on another path, she would not be doing what she is doing today.

And we are so pleased that she did.