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Q&A Business Partner Feature – Pat Mannix from Cotchy

Interview Article by Caroline Ding

Article Summary Points:

Introducing Pat Mannix

Pat Mannix has nearly 30 years of experience in his family’s 42-year Melbourne based financial firm, Paris Financial. Pat’s commercial experience centres around financial services for start-ups and growing small businesses.

He has specific skills in business valuations and start-ups. In 2019, Pat started Cotchy– a cloud based fintech business that assists small businesses with their finances, also known as a one-stop financial accounting shop.  ^

What inspired you to start Cotchy?

Cotchy was developed to be lower cost and tech savvy and has a focus on bookkeeping. Pat noticed the gap in the market for fast-growing firms that are finding it difficult to manage their financial obligations.

He also found that many start-ups and small businesses struggle with getting consistent bookkeeping and financial figures every month. Cotchy is perfect for filling in this gap in the market as they can produce accurate numbers every month at a very reasonable price.

The monthly fixed fee structure is another reason why many small businesses love Cotchy. There are no surprise bills or payments involved with the service.

Pat has realised many small businesses and start-ups spend a lot of time trying to manage their finances and recognised that if Cotchy can assist them with their finances accurately and cost-effectively, then they are able to direct their attention towards other important areas of the business.  ^

What do you love most about what you do?

Throughout his career, Pat has always had a passion for helping small businesses grow. He sees that small business owners are extremely motivated, and each offers a unique skill set to the market. He believes every business has an interesting story to offer.

Being able to deliver that financial header to those growing businesses through technology such as Zoom allows for efficiency and the innovative delivery of Cotchy services.

Many firms love the technological comfort of this online platform, which allows Cotchy to bring down the cost of operations and thus reflect this lower cost to clients.

Technology has evolved rapidly and creating the ability for a business’s finances to be in one spot rather than different servers has created a tremendous change in the way businesses can be conducted.  ^

Where does Legally Yours fit in and how did you come about joining the Legally Yours community?

Legally Yours and Cotchy interlock in the way that they were both technological start-ups and are very much involved in the tech space.

This meant that a lot of financial consideration went into the business and where the notion of fixed fees came to life.

An emphasis on fixed fees allows us to understand exactly what the client needs and with it providing a transparent process to achieve their goals.

To find out more about Pat and the services they provide at Cotchy, head to  ^

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