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Q&A Lawyer Feature – Chris Bolden from Hercules Constan Lawyers

Written by Caroline Ding

Article Summary Points:

How did you start your journey within the law and how did you find your way into your current practice area?

Chris Bolden graduated with a Bachelor of Laws and a Bachelor of Economics from the Australian National University. Chris loved economics and done well in it at school, but law was a bit of uncharted territory.

He has always enjoyed arguing and debating both in school and at home. Chris is a commercial lawyer and has experience in litigious matters as well.

He has nearly 20 years of experience in intellectual property law. He loves working with creative people and has found that many of them are in the intellectual property area.

After working alongside with a couple patent and trademark attorneys, Chris had the opportunity to set up his own law firm – Bolden Lawyers whilst working alongside the attorneys.

They developed a quid pro quo system where they were able to share their legal views with their respective clients.

Ultimately, he decided to move his clients over and work with his previous co-worker Kathy Constan at Hercules Constan Lawyers.  ^

What do you love most about what you do?

Chris has a passion for helping others and craved the intellectual satisfaction of solving problems. Being a practising lawyer satisfied both cravings for Chris.

He enjoys the satisfaction of the process of helping clients create and protect something and then ultimately, assisting them in commercialising it.

He loves the idea of ‘crossing specialisations’.  ^

What led you to joining the Legally Yours network?

Chris joined the Legally Yours community to network with like-minded lawyers and connect with clients that require assistance especially in the area of intellectual property and wish to grow this area of law.  ^

There is a general stigma around hustle culture and for young lawyers to take on too much at a time and do too much on their own. Chris advises junior lawyers to seek help from colleagues that have an expertise in a particular area of law when required.

Collaboration and receiving assistance from others are very important when starting a legal career.

The worst thing to do is to give an off the cut answer to a client, so Chris recommends talking to others or even referring the client to that colleague.

‘Don’t try to be all things to all people’ – Chris leaves us with some food for thought.

For all your commercial law, intellectual property or start-up legal needs, head to  ^

If you have a specific question or you’d like to let us know what you need help with, head to our Talk to a Lawyer search resource and find the right lawyer for your needs, or request a complimentary initial consultation with Chris Bolden from Hercules Constan directly via Chris’s Legally Yours Lawyer profile.

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