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Sarah Edmonstone from Aspire Lawyers – Q&A Lawyer Feature

Q&A Lawyer Feature Article written by Andrew Tiganis

Article Summary Points:

How did you become the Lawyer you are today?

Sarah started her legal journey working in the administrative side of the industry.

It was in these roles that Sarah first demonstrated a passion for the law and a desire to go above and beyond for clients.

After being encouraged by a solicitor to pursue a career as a lawyer, Sarah obtained her degree whilst working in a law firm at the same time.

Since then, Sarah has spent over a decade working in various roles before commencing with Aspire Lawyers in June 2021.

Sarah previously worked at Callea Pearce, an earlier form of the firm between 2009 and 2016.

As an aspiring lawyer myself, Sarah offered me this advice about studying law: Studying and practicing law changes you for the better.

It helps you to listen and accept people without judgement and only focus on helping them.  ^

Could you tell me a bit about Aspire Lawyers and what the firm specializes in?

Aspire Lawyers has an over 100-year history! The firm went through multiple iterations before being launched as Aspire Lawyers in 2020.

Currently, the firm specializes in Business & Commercial Law, Property and Conveyancing, Wills and Estates and Family Law.  ^

What kind of service can clients expect when they walk into one of your offices?

Aspire Lawyers is not a ‘traditional’ law firm.

Their people-centric approach ensures that clients can feel comfortable walking into a law firm and knowing that they will be treated with empathy and transparency.

This approach is reflected by the firm’s value-pricing model which offers fixed costs and avoids ‘bill shock’ for clients.

Sarah believes that this model helps clients understand what their lawyers are doing for them and how they can achieve their desired outcome.  ^

How have you adapted this service in the Covid era?

The pandemic and the ensuing lockdowns presented initial challenges for Aspire Lawyers.

It is difficult being a ‘people-focused’ law firm without being able to physically be with people.

To counter this, Sarah and her colleagues utilized zoom meetings and phone calls to connect with clients.  ^

How can people contact the firm?

The best way to reach Aspire Lawyers is through the ‘Get in touch’ section of their website at  ^

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