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Stress, Sleep and Social Connection with Belinda Furse

Lunch & Learn Article written by Christine Bulos

Belinda Furse is a senior lawyer turned well-being coach, fitness professional and speaker. Originally studying Arts/Law, she spent the majority of her legal career working at a leading independent Australian law firm.

As a personal injury lawyer, she gained a deep understanding of workplace injuries and the importance of creating a mentally healthy workplace.

Belinda combines her deep understanding of the impact of workplace wellness, her training as a nutrition health coach, and her passion and versatility to coach people to achieve their nutrition and lifestyle goals. Belinda offers guidance and accountability – from exercise and nutrition to social connection, career and mindfulness – in order for her clients to live a more vibrant life.

In this Lunch and Learn session Belinda shared the details of her journey and spoke on vital topics such as positive emotions, stress and the nervous system, tips for quality sleep, building social connection and finally also provided a guided meditation session at the end of the webinar.

Belinda highlighted the significance of feeling and embracing positive emotions each day and the overall effect it has on one’s view of life.

Bringing fun, laughter and a light attitude into our space, spending time with positive people and practicing gratitude are 3 absolutely vital methodologies to practise to improve overall wellness.

Belinda also suggested implementing a daily system of asking yourself what are 3 things you are thankful for.

A Harvard Study previously conducted was found to support this finding as well!

Belinda also provided a variety of tips to assist with managing anxiety and to support one’s nervous system.

Such tips include –

  • Regular breathing exercises;
  • Eat more dietary fats from whole-foods & green vegetables;
  • Decrease caffeine for 4 weeks, and;
  • Explore your perception of urgency or pressure.

Belinda encourages both readers and viewers to attempt to implement one or more of the above in your daily routine and to notice the gradual improvement it will make to your life!

We also delved into the topic of sleep and the significance of having a good night’s sleep and preventing fatigue.

Quality sleep is extremely important as it has a multitude of effects on one’s body and overall life, including allowing for internal organs to rest and recover, allowing for important hormones to be released during sleep time, and finally supporting memory consolidation in the brain.

By allowing for these things to occur through a healthy sleep routine and cycle, you will notice additional benefits to your body and overall self through increased energy, strengthened immune system, heightened alertness and improved mood.

Belinda suggests going to bed by 10pm and decreasing the use of electronics 1 hour before bed and even removing the electronic devices from your bedroom, if possible.

She also suggests to stop food consumption before bed to allow for easier digestion.

Having a bedtime ritual also supports good practices.

Doing regular exercise is also a great way to support good sleeping patterns.

Social media and mindless scrolling is also a major detraction from good sleep, as it keeps the brain wide awake.

Belinda encourages all readers and viewers to implement one or more of the above into their daily routines.

The final topic Belinda highlighted was the significance of social connection and the various benefits it has.

She encouraged active listening, thinking about the ultimate relationship connection you could have in the future and aiming to turn that into a reality, as well as implementing random acts of kindness and connecting with nature.

Belinda then led us into a short meditation session at the end of the webinar and provided some great resources to assist with the regular implementation of this great practice long-term.

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