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The Collective Law Co. – Helping You Get Through the Pile

By Legally Yours Intern, Nithini Perera

Anne Connor is the founder and principal of The Collective Law Co. TCLC is a consultancy and agency firm that assists sole practitioners and small firms get through the pile and assist them to stay on top of their workload.

Having immersed herself in various areas of law, including family law, fair work and the government sector, Anne has acquired a thorough understanding and experience of a wide range of legal matters. Coming from a social justice background, Anne is motivated by the ‘human element’ of the legal industry and strives to increase productivity of law firms and help solicitors maintain a work—life balance through her contribution.

Getting Through the Pile

During her career, Anne discusses how she has often seen good solicitors who are overburdened and cannot produce high quality documents. Messy and disorganised work produced under time pressure often means the solicitors are unable to plead their clients’ case to the court to their highest ability.

TCLC provides the perfect solution to this by filling a gap in the legal industry by easing the burden off lawyers and small to mid-sized firms by helping them get through the pile. Having come from working at the court and doing litigation, Anne loves producing high quality documents.

TCLC puts in the time the firms simply don’t have to increase the productivity of each law firm and make sure that clients receive the highest quality service possible.

Maintaining Work-life Balance

Although Anne loves the ‘human factor’ of the law, she also knows that it is what can exhaust lawyers too. Her experience as a practicing solicitor and her work in family law allows her to understand the demands of the job- the over-burdening clients, the long hours, and the emotional toll of an email from a client who hasn’t seen their children in a family law matter.

Whether it is by helping a solicitor to go through a file that they simply don’t have the energy to or taking the time to draft a high-quality legal document, TCLC allows solicitors to take some much-needed time and space from their work and maintain a work-life balance that allows them to serve their clients better.

How Can TCLC Help Your Firm Grow?

As a consultancy firm, the services TCLC provides can be invaluable to the growth of a law firm. Anne’s experience and knowledge allows her to provide an external perspective that allows firms to not only tackle current legal matters but also create short term and long-term goals.

In helping firms to get through their ‘to do’ list, TCLC can increase efficiency and overall productivity. Through value-based fees, TCLC aims to charge less than the hourly rate which not only increases the profitability of the law firm, but also gives them greater confidence to discuss their problems and receive the service they expect.